Cosmetics play an important role in Free Fire as it enables users to customize the visual elements of numerous items. The Free Fire x McLaren collaboration event is underway. As it is with all the collaboration, a whole lot of cosmetics, including vehicle skins, a backpack, and more, have been added.

Some of them are available for free, while others require users to spend diamonds. In one of the events, players stand a chance of acquiring an exclusive McClaren Racing Backpack for free.

Obtaining McLaren themed backpack in Free Fire

It is worth noting that the exclusive backpack skin will only be available on July 31st, 2021. Players will have to sign in on the given day to obtain the McLaren Racing Backpack. Therefore, users should make sure to play Free Fire on the given day so that they do not miss out on the opportunity.

Steps of redemption

Below are the steps that can be followed to redeem the exclusive backpack skin on the day of the event:

Step 1: Open Free Fire on your device, and then click on the “Calendar” icon as shown in this picture:

You should click the
You should click the “Calendar” icon (Image via Free Fire)

Step 2: Next, navigate through the “Ace Play” section and then tap on the “Race to Ace” tab.

You should tap on the
You should tap on the “Go To” button (Image via Free Fire)

Step 3: Subsequently, press the “Go To” button to get redirected to the event interface.

Click on
Click on “Login Reward” (Image via Free Fire)

Step 4: Finally, click on the “Login Reward” option and press the “Claim” option. The backpack skin will be redeemed.

Login Reward (Image via Free Fire)
Login Reward (Image via Free Fire)

You can then equip it from the “Collection” tab under the “Backpack” section.

Note: The backpack skin is not claimable at the moment and will be available when the event starts on July 31st.

Free Fire x McLaren event calendar

  • Road to Ace (July 23rd to August 3rd)
  • Aftermatch drop in all modes (July 23rd to August 3rd)
  • Exchange Token (July 26th to August 3rd)
  • Roadster Studio (July 28th to August 3rd)
  • Play for rewards (July 31st to August 1st)
  • Login reward (July 31st)
  • Convoy Crunch (July 31st to August 3rd)

Details of the Exchange Token and further events are yet to be revealed.

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