Garena Free Fire includes a wide array of captivating cosmetics like skins, emotes, and more. Moreover, the developers have made further additions throughout the period, giving players a broader range of options. Gamers are constantly attempting to find ways to obtain them. However, most of the newer players aren’t familiar with them.

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Obtaining legendary gun skins and emotes in Free Fire

1) Events

It is now well-known by players that the developers of Free Fire do not shy away and frequently add events. There are various types of events, some of which offer skins and emotes at a lowered price that players can take advantage of.

In the past, some events in the game have even offered free legendary skins and emotes. Additionally, top-up events provide players with specific items to purchase a certain number of diamonds.

2) In-game shop

Emotes can be purchased via diamonds
Emotes can be purchased via diamonds

Free Fire’s in-game shop offers a wide variety of emotes that can be purchased directly with diamonds.

In contrast, legendary skins can be found in the “Legend Box,” which costs 40 diamonds. However, users are not guaranteed to obtain the skin permanently, and there is only a rare chance. If gamers are willing to take that risk, they can purchase them.

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3) Redeem codes

Using redeem codes can also provide a variety of rewards (Image via Rewards Redemption Site of Free Fire)
Using redeem codes can also provide a variety of rewards (Image via Rewards Redemption Site of Free Fire)

Redeem codes offer users another way to get skins, emotes, and other content for free. They are quite easy to use, and the redemption process is pretty simple as players just have to paste them on the official Rewards Redemption Site. Items that they receive can be collected via the in-game mail section.

Aside from that, a few of the Luck Royales also feature legendary skins. Users can purchase spins using diamonds and try their luck out. For instance, the current Faded Wheel includes the AWM Furinkazen.

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