Finally, the Epic Games has officially announced Fortnite Rift Tour, according to our guess this update is coming after the collaboration of Fortnite and Ariana Grande. We are saying this because a concert is going to be held and the current posters and skins are very similar to here.

In this event players have to complete three challenges to get cosmetics for free, and here is another surprise to get Rift Tour Umbrella Glider for free. The rewards you will be getting are a spray, loading screen, and an emote.

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How to Get Ariana Grande Umbrella Glider For Free?

According to all the famous data-miners all that players who will be attending the Ariana Grande concert during any one of the five slots will get a free umbrella Glider.

Currently, we don’t know its name and current date that when it will come and when every player will get this. But the good news is we have a picture of it.

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It is expected to be released by August 2, 2021. But if any update is coming to us regarding the Umbrella Glider you will be informed so make sure to bookmark this page.

That’s all about the article if you have any queries regarding Umbrella Glider or anything please let me know your queries. I would be happy to hear it.

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