Windows 10 comes preloaded with a number of different font types (based on which language package you’re using), but you can also find a ton of different types of fonts (both free and paid) online. Installing these fonts on your Windows 10 PC is pretty simple. Here’s how.

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Install fonts using the source file

click the extract all options from the context menu Marshall Gunnell/IDG

Click the Extract All options from the context menu.

You can quickly install a font using the font file’s context menu. When you download a font from the web, more often than not the files come in compressed ZIP folders. In this case, unzip the compressed files by right-clicking the folder and then selecting Extract All from the context menu.

Next, decide where you want to unzip the files. Click Browse in the window that appears to open File Explorer.

Once File Explorer is open, choose the location you want to unzip the files. Once ready, click Extract.

click the extract button Marshall Gunnell/IDG

Click the Extract button.

Open the folder that contains the unzipped files and right-click the font that you want to install. Click Install from the context menu to install the font on your user account, or Install for all users to install the font on all user accounts.

install the font for your user profile or for all users Marshall Gunnell/IDG

Install the font for your user profile or for all users.

The font will begin installing. The installation process will only take a few seconds.

Install fonts from Control Panel

search for the control panel app Marshall Gunnell/IDG

Search for the Control Panel app.

Another popular way of installing fonts on your Windows 10 PC is by using Control Panel.

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