Learning when to spend your Gold on XP is sort of an artwork if I’ll say so myself. TFT is a closely strategic game, the place each determination will affect the game in a technique or one other – be it a 4 XP factors loss that results in a damaged win/lose streak or a missed Chosen alternative, the game leaves little room for error.

Today we’re going to dive right into a TFT leveling information, and provide you with some perception on how you can higher put together for the late game, how you can get your self strong progress, and actually – how you can play the game!

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This is a basic TFT leveling information, so needless to say it will not apply to all of the crew comps. Sometimes you need to slow-roll, and different occasions you need to hyper-roll for a particular unit when you hit an influence spike (for instance you have bought a Chosen and are 2 models away from making that unit 3*). But hyper-rolling and slow-rolling are barely extra superior, so we’ll cowl that in a while.

When to degree up at in Teamfight Tactics

Leveling up on the following phases will assist you econ and keep comparatively wholesome, so attempt to take action in line with your crew comp.

– Level as much as degree 4: Stage 1-4 (if you do not have a Chosen but) or Stage 2-1

– Level as much as degree 5: Stage 2-3 (if you do not have a Chosen and have 10+ Gold) or Stage 2-5
*Players normally get robust round stage 2-5 (the early-game energy spike) – so be ready.

– Level as much as degree 6: Stage 3-2 (when you have 20+ Gold) or Stage 3-5
*Players normally get robust round stage 3-2 (the mid-game energy spike)
– Level as much as degree 7: Stage 3-5 (when you have 30+ Gold) or Stage 4-1
*Players normally get robust round stage 4-1 (the mid-to-late-game energy spike)

Level as much as degree 8: Stage 4-5 (when you have 30+ Gold) or Stage 5-1
*Late game begins at stage 5-1, and that is when each massive loss can deal as much as 20 DMG.

Level as much as degree 9: You will not at all times must go to degree 9, and it is actually arduous to take action on this set. If you have got numerous Gold and your models are robust sufficient, you’ll be able to slowly push to degree 9. Otherwise, do not trouble as a result of it is numerous Gold that you would in any other case spend on 3-starring a few of your models.

Decide the way you need to degree

Based on the phases talked about above, you need to degree up relying on how your game goes.

  • Pre-leveling (to remain forward of the opponents and have a greater likelihood of getting good models)
  • Roll for two* models (a few of them will be actually robust)
  • Power-leveling (nevermind Gold – convey the XP!)


You in all probability know by now that on the finish of every spherical you get +2 XP – the concept of pre-leveling focuses on you spending Gold on getting simply sufficient EXP to degree up at key intervals and by making the most of the +2 XP.

For instance, to get from degree 3 to degree 4 you want 6 EXP – you’ll be able to Buy XP as soon as (+4) on the finish of the creep stage and with the +2 XP you may get simply sufficient to be degree 4 earlier than the precise PvP begins.


By power-leveling, you’ll not rely an excessive amount of on Gold and econ early on, however as an alternative, you may shift your consideration in the direction of leveling and solely that.

This will be perfect if you have already got a few 2* models and need to keep forward since you may avoid wasting life early on within the game by doing this.

Roll for two* models

You can attempt to improve your models to 2* and even 3* (in case you’re actually fortunate) and that gives you a bonus over your opponents. However, this won’t at all times be perfect since within the endgame there are numerous 4-cost models that might outscale the 1-cost choices.

TFT leveling guide

When to reroll for models?

Rerolling for models DOES NOT MEAN spending all your Gold on upgrading stated models. So, with that being stated, there are three ranges whenever you need to go for particular models: degree 5, degree 6, and degree 7.

Sometimes you’ll be able to even promote your outdated Chosen (if it isn’t an important dealbreaker in your crew) when you hit degree 8 (or degree 9 even), and reroll for a 4-cost Chosen. However, needless to say that is very tough and is usually good in case you already made all of your different models 3* (to take them out of the draft).

Rerolling for models at degree 5:

  • 1-cost models: 45%
  • 2-cost models: 33%
  • 3-cost models: 20%
  • 4-cost models: 2%
  • 5-cost models: –

At degree 5 you solely need to reroll some Gold in your 1-cost models (to make them 3*) and a few 2-cost models. Sometimes you may be fortunate to get a 3-cost Chosen, in order that is likely to be one thing to contemplate. You do not need to reroll for 3-cost models particularly right here.

Rerolling for models at degree 6:

  • 1-cost models: 35%
  • 2-cost models: 35%
  • 3-cost models: 25%
  • 4-cost models: 5%
  • 5-cost models: –

At degree 6 you need to reroll for 2-cost models and a few 3-cost models. With a 5% likelihood, you would even get a 4-cost unit typically.

Rerolling for models at degree 7:

  • 1-cost models: 22%
  • 2-cost models: 35%
  • 3-cost models: 30%
  • 4-cost models: 12%
  • 5-cost models: 1%

This is the place you’ll be able to attempt to 3-star your 3-cost models and 2-cost models. You even have a slight likelihood to get a 5-cost unit however do not reroll for one right here as a result of it is a waste of Gold.

Keep in thoughts that every game is completely different. Until you grasp the way in which to degree up in a number of methods, that is one of the best, and most balanced method to keep forward of the game and decrease your possibilities of falling behind.

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