It gets really irritating when individuals add you to WhatsApp groups that you would prefer not to be a part of. The surge of messages alone gets irritating to deal with. In WhatsApp, even obscure individuals can add anybody to a gathering which brings up an issue on its security too. Here is uplifting news for you, users would now be able to escape this and control who can include them in groups.

This is additionally a decent method for avoiding the individuals who make groups and spread falsehood openly in public. And people just do that to you in any case. But you don’t want to be in any group and you want to leave them.


Work gatherings, family gatherings, companions, associates… the rundown is distressingly long. You mulled over exit, however you’re a nice person. You couldn’t gather the fearlessness to tap on “Leave group” – not when your manager is still in the group, or more awful, your folks. So, you stay and keep muting all the conversations that are happening in which you have no interest.

Along these lines, fortunately your enduring may before long reach a conclusion.

Here are a couple of steps that can assist you with maintaining a strategic distance from such circumstances where you need to really leave a gathering physically when you never needed to be a piece of it in any case.

How to restrict others from adding you to a WhatsApp groups

  •  Start your WhatsApp and touch on the vertical three dots on the top side corner.
  • Tap the Settings then Account then Privacy then Groups.
  • You will find these three options — Everyone, My contacts, and My contacts.
  •  Deselect ‘Everyone’ and then tap on the any other option from the two options as per your want.
  • And it’s done. If some other people tries to add you to any group, they will now have an option to send you an invitation that is private and which will expire three days.
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