Users can acquire a wide range of cosmetic items present in Free Fire via various methods, and redeem codes have emerged as one of the most popular ones. They are pretty easy to utilize as all that players have to do is paste a valid code to claim the rewards.

A website named “Rewards Redemption Site” has been specifically designed by the game developers to use redeem codes.

Using Free Fire redeem codes on the Rewards Redemption Site

Before beginning, it is crucial to note that guest account holders aren’t eligible to use the Free Fire redeem code, and it is recommended that they bind their accounts if they wish to use them anytime later.

Here is a guide explaining how to use the Free Fire redeem codes:

Step 1: Clicking on this link will take players to the Free Fire redemption site, where they can claim their rewards.

Users should login
Users should login

Step 2: They will then need to sign into their Free Fire IDs using one of the platforms linked to their accounts. Several options are available on the website, including Facebook, Google, VK, Twitter, Apple ID, and Huawei ID.

Step 3: After they have logged in, users may carefully enter the designated code for their region and click on the confirm button.

Paste the redeem code into the text field
Paste the redeem code into the text field

Step 4: When a dialog box with the name of the rewards appears on the screen, they can simply press the “OK” button.

Step 5: The majority of the items, excluding currencies, can be collected through the mail section present in the game.

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Commonly faced errors

“This code cannot be used in your region.”

When gamers attempt to use the code provided for a server other than what they are in, they encounter this message.

“The redeem code is invalid or redeemed.”

This statement will appear either when the code has expired or if players have already redeemed its rewards.

Users are advised to keep an eye out for redeem codes periodically released by the developers. They can also check out the Free Fire redeem code section on Throneofgadget to stay updated about all the new codes.

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