Mastering the gloo wall in Free Fire is no easy feat. It takes hours to learn and practice in order to perfect the placement technique and many more to make it into a natural reflex during matches.

Although the gloo wall is useful throughout the match, this tactical item shines during the end zones of Free Fire, where space is limited and bullets are flying in all directions.

Sadly, most beginners don’t know the importance of using this versatile item during the end zones and remain at a tactical disadvantage most of the time. This article will discuss the numerous ways in which gloo walls can be used to gain an advantage in the end zones.

Top 5 ways to use gloo walls to gain an upperhand in Free Fire end zones

1) Protect against incoming fire from multiple directions

During the final end zones of a Free Fire match, players will often be surrounded by opponents on all sides. This is the worst situation that any player can find themselves in. Thankfully, there is a way to stay alive and fight back.

Using gloo walls, players can create numerous pieces of cover, which will stop incoming fire from all sides. Although some players prefer creating a 360-degree gloo wall, leaving gaps in the wall is highly recommended.

2) Enable micro rotations within the end zones

In addition to simply blocking incoming fire from opponents and providing some breathing space, gloo walls in Free Fire can be placed strategically to allow players to perform micro rotations within the end zone.

Using this technique, players can go from cover to cover and flank the enemy if needed. This is also very useful for players who want to rotate to find better cover or enter a structure.

3) Heal and revive teammates

During the end zones of Free Fire, combat tends to get very messy. Bullets fly in every direction, and the chances of getting hit are very high. This is where gloo walls come in handy.

In addition to creating cover, they give players some time and space to heal without having to worry about being shot. This is even useful when trying to revive teammates that have been knocked down.

4) Stop enemies from pushing players outside the safe zone

Often during the end zones in Free Fire, opponents will try to lay down suppressing fire and either stop players from entering the final zones, or push them out of the safe zone.

By using gloo walls, players can prevent this from happening and can tactfully push back and stay within the end zones. Alternatively, players can even attempt to rush the enemy position if needed.

5) Gain a height advantage

Gloo walls in Free Fire have a secret ability that most players are unaware of: They can be stacked on top of each other. While this is useful for hard-to-reach places, in the end zones they have another purpose as well.

By stacking gloo walls, players can gain a vital height advantage and use it as a platform to get better shots. However, keep in mind that this is a double-edged sword, as opponents can shoot back and land headshots with ease as well.

Disclaimer: This list is numbered solely for the purpose of organization.

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