Here are the most convincing theories for a way and why every foremost character may return in The Matrix 4. The Wachowski sisters’ Matrix yarn appeared to wrap up in 2003, with Neo sacrificing himself to finish a battle between Earth’s final remaining people and a race of machines who had taken to utilizing their mortal creators as an influence supply. After centuries of enslavement, The Matrix Revolutions promised a brighter future forward, with everybody plugged into the Matrix simulation supplied a route again to actuality. Almost 20 years later, The Matrix 4 (or just Matrix, because it appears to be referred to as) is ready to set off an entire new existential disaster for film followers in 2021.

While the plot stays below lock and key for now, a number of massive names are confirmed to reprise their iconic roles in The Matrix 4. Keanu Reeves will as soon as once more play lead protagonist Neo, and Carrie-Anne Moss portrays his fellow freedom fighter and lover, Trinity. Furthermore, a youthful model of Morpheus and a brand new Agent Smith are rumored to have roles within the Matrix revival, alongside a number of supporting figures from throughout the prevailing three movies. In a hard twist, nonetheless, not all of those characters had been left alive on the finish of the unique trilogy. Neo sacrificed himself, Trinity died in a crash, and Smith was defeated.

Fortunately, dying is little greater than an inconvenience in a franchise the place bullets cease in midair and consuming cake is a sexual expertise. There are many alternative methods Neo and his buddies might return in The Matrix 4, and a number of explanation why their providers could be required.


Keanu Reeves as Neo in The Matrix Reloaded

With Neo the undisputed hero of the Matrix franchise and Keanu Reeves wanting barely a day older than he did in 1999, it is no shock that The One returns for The Matrix 4. Exactly how Neo makes his highly-anticipated comeback, nonetheless, stays a supply of intense hypothesis amongst followers. Some of the extra outlandish theories counsel Reeves is enjoying a utterly new model of The One, or that point journey will summon a model of Neo from the previous. The extra believable options revolve round Neo’s RSI (residual self-image – the avatar one makes use of contained in the Matrix) being secretly saved throughout the simulation, that means Neo can be revived, however solely in digital kind, whereas his real-world physique stays deceased. This would permit Neo to function in The Matrix 4 with out utterly negating the affect of his unique demise. The Oracle believed that Neo would sooner or later reappear when his heroics had been wanted once more, and it appears believable that bits of Keanu Reeves-shaped information are nonetheless floating across the Matrix – and that is how the character might return.

Neo is sort of actually being revived to cope with The Matrix 4‘s antagonist – whoever that could be. It’s not but clear how a lot time passes in-story between The Matrix Revolutions and The Matrix 4, however assuming it is a minimum of a few a long time (mirroring the actual world), Neo’s courageous deeds would’ve fallen into legend. Just as The Oracle predicts, peace lasts so long as it will probably however when folks want a savior, The One will return. The greater query is whether or not Neo will likely be referred to as to the support of people, or to combat people. Given The Matrix‘s tendency to play with conference, the brand new movie’s villain may very well be of fleshy composition, forcing the Machines or applications to request Neo’s assist. This would match Neo being revived by way of his RSI, since solely the Machines might entry these recordsdata.

If Warner Bros. are considering long-term about their Matrix franchise, the explanation behind Neo’s resurrection may also be to go the torch onto a brand new group of characters. The Matrix 4 has solid an thrilling assortment of recent expertise, from Yahya Abdul Mateen and Jessica Henwick, to Neil Patrick Harris and Jonathan Groff. Neo might carry out the position of Han Solo in The Force Awakens and usher within the subsequent technology.

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Trinity Matrix phone booth

Many followers would count on Neo and Trinity to return as a pair in The Matrix 4. Both characters die in the identical The Matrix Revolutions finale sequence, and are returning in the identical film, so nonetheless Neo manages to resurface, that methodology will probably work on Trinity too. But Carrie-Anne Moss’ presence in The Matrix 4 does affirm that Neo’s One powers aren’t the reason for his getting back from the useless, as she’s merely an regular human. Neo and Trinity each coming again might play right into a storyline from the canon Matrix Online video game, through which Morpheus accused the Machines of holding onto Neo and Trinity’s stays for some mysterious goal. The Matrix 4 has no obligation to observe that route, but when it does, the Machines could set up the Neo and Trinity’s corpses with their Matrix information – like copying recordsdata onto a rotting, human-shaped USB stick.

Renowned as “The One,” the explanations behind Neo’s return appear pretty clear, even when the precise particulars stay a secret, however it’s more durable to see why Trinity is being referred to as again into motion. She may be capable to kick ass and look rattling cool whereas doing it however, with all due respect to the character, Trinity does not carry any reality-bending superpowers to the desk, and neither is she inherently particular. Perhaps Neo’s mission in The Matrix 4 is one thing he and Trinity should sort out collectively. If the time journey rumors are true, each protagonists may very well be wanted to navigate the previous. Alternatively, whoever resurrects Neo could also be sensible sufficient to understand that it was his love for Trinity that in the end prevented Zion’s destruction, and that to carry one again with out the opposite is futile. Finally, on-set reviews counsel that Trinity is as soon as once more answerable for breaking the reality of the Matrix to an unaware Neo. This might point out that Trinity will act as a Morpheus-esque information to Neo whereas he reassembles his recollections and relearns his powers.

While Trinity’s return could also be a thriller in narrative phrases, the real-world motivation for bringing in Carrie-Anne Moss is less complicated to decipher. Trinity’s dying in The Matrix Revolutions is definitely one of many worst moments in the whole franchise, and the character deserves a extra becoming conclusion.


Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus in The Matrix

It’s curious that whereas Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss had been introduced for The Matrix 4 properly prematurely, there is not any signal of Laurence Fishburne – particularly unusual as Morpheus is the one a type of three nonetheless alive when the Matrix trilogy ends. While Fishburne’s Morpheus apparently has no position to play in The Matrix 4, rumors persist that the Zion chief will nonetheless function in some capability, with some theorizing that a youthful model of the character will team-up with Reeves and Moss. The look of a younger Morpheus in The Matrix 4 would name for some type of time journey by way of the simulation’s in depth historical past. Either Neo and Trinity drop into the Matrix’s previous (like rolling again a pc to a time earlier than it stopped working), or the Machines boot-up an earlier model of the character from their very own archives – like restoring Morpheus’ file from the Matrix’s recycle bin.

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The inclusion of a fresh-faced Morpheus would indicate that Neo and Trinity should both change one thing previously, or forestall the previous being modified by enemies. Maybe The Matrix 4‘s villain seeks to undo the truce between man and machine by going again and interfering with Morpheus’ escape from the Matrix simulation, that means Neo isn’t found and the cycle of battle by no means ends. Neo and Trinity should, subsequently, guarantee Morpheus’ life performs out as nature meant.

Agent Smith

Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith in The Matrix

Hugo Weaving himself has dominated out reprising his well-known Agent Smith position in The Matrix 4, however the actor was additionally form sufficient to verify that Lana Wachowski did make a proposal, hinting that Smith will function within the new chapter, however with a model new face – hardly problematic for a bit of software program. The all-encompassing Agent Smith was defeated after making his approach by way of the Matrix and gobbling up different applications to boost his personal energy. Through Neo, the Machines had been in a position to kill Smith utilizing the ability of the Source, and the applications he devoured had been seemingly launched. Nevertheless, Smith is arguably the simplest Matrix character to reinvent. After creating the unique, the Machines might merely construct one other Agent Smith and set up him with the recollections and traits of his predecessor. So nice had been Smith’s powers by the tip of The Matrix Revolution, it would not even be stunning if the villain discovered his personal approach again to the get together, particularly after assimilating The One shortly earlier than his destruction.

Should Agent Smith reappear in The Matrix 4, it nearly actually will not be as a giant unhealthy. Neo spent three entire movies chasing Smith by way of a green-tinged digital panorama, and there is little worth in reigniting the identical outdated cat-and-mouse dynamic. More probably, Smith will turn into a begrudging ally of Neo. Working on the speculation that Neo will likely be revived by the Machines and tasked with combating human enemies, Smith may very well be charged with serving to his former nemesis, since few perceive the human situation’s flaws and weaknesses fairly like Hugo Weaving’s neatly dressed bureaucrat.


Jada Pinkett-Smith as Niobe in The Matrix

Reports counsel that Jada Pinkett-Smith will as soon as once more play Niobe in The Matrix 4, having initially made her franchise debut in The Matrix Reloaded. Niobe’s return in all probability is not going to contain any death-defying conspiracy or confounding time-travel, however is extra probably a sign of when The Matrix 4 is ready. Niobe is without doubt one of the few foremost characters nonetheless alive when the unique trilogy ends, and if Pinkett-Smith is again as the identical character, then a minimum of some scenes will happen within the 10-25 years following the Machine War’s finish. Niobe might present The Matrix 4‘s sole hyperlink between the unique timeline and the new period, serving to the viewers perceive how the actual world has shifted since Neo’s sacrifice.

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The Merovingian

Lambert Wilson as Merovingian in Matrix

Although it is by no means proven, Agent Smith strongly implies that Lambert Wilson’s Merovingian was one of many many applications he absorbed as a part of his “Assimilation world tour 2003.” Since The Oracle is restored by the trilogy’s finish, nonetheless, it is secure to imagine that even when the exile smuggler was focused by Smith, he is as soon as once more free in The Matrix 4. Similarly to Agent Smith, putting in The Merovingian as a villain once more would really feel like a step backwards, however along with his underworld connections and ties to earlier variations of the Matrix, Neo and Trinity could as soon as extra discover themselves in want of The Merovingian’s experience. Wilson’s slimeball character has data that harks again to previous Matrix builds and boasts a whole settlement of exile applications below his management, The Merovingian may very well be important in unlocking the secrets and techniques of time journey, or understanding a thriller buried within the historical previous, and theoretically, The Merovingian stands to realize a lot in The Matrix 4. With people now allowed to depart the simulation, many applications will now be rendered out of date, swelling The Merovingian’s ranks of exiles significantly.

Agent Johnson

Daniel Bernhardt as Daniel Bernhardt as Agent Johnson in The Matrix Reloaded

When folks mentioned The Smiths ought to get again collectively, this wasn’t what they meant… One of the lesser-known names from The Matrix Reloaded, Daniel Bernhardt is confirmed to as soon as once more painting Agent Johnson in The Matrix 4. Replacing Smith after the unique villain went into enterprise for himself, the return of this generic, directive-following Agent proves the Machines want some type of enforcement, regardless of agreeing to the peace cope with Neo. Perhaps the Agents now function pleasant admin assistants for people wishing to depart the simulation, or perhaps there’s one thing extra sinister at play As with Smith, Johnson is extra more likely to be combating for the nice guys this time round, and whereas he appeared to die by way of electrocution throughout a battle with Niobe and Ghost, the Machines might’ve simply programmed Johnson model 2.0 over time.

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