’s second Creator Day is here, kicking off 24 straight hours where all revenue from game sales goes directly to the people who made them. The initiative starts at midnight PT on Friday July 23 and runs for 24 full hours, meaning it’s now time to buy some games.

This is the second time the indie-focused games distribution platform has run Creator Day, with the first one launching earlier this year on May 14th. Over the course of the day, creators who list games or game development assets for sale on will receive the full amount of every sale they make, after taxes and third-party fees are taken.

“Creators are the backbone of everything we do, so Creator Days are our way of giving back to the folks that make possible,” the event announcement reads. The platform also encouraged creators to take advantage of the day by sharing their work or by hosting a sale.

Whether you already have a handful of games on your wishlist, or you just want to discover some new ones on the platform’s homepage, it’s a great day to buy some new games.

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