GREENSBORO, N.C. — Jack’s Corner Mediterranean Deli is closing after almost 30 years in business, according to a statement posted on the restaurant’s website.

The full statement is provided below:

“To Our Valued Friends and Guests:

It is with deeply mixed feelings that we announce the closing of Jack’s Corner Mediterranean Deli. We are grateful to all our guests and our hardworking, long-term employees for their support. We closed for a variety of reasons, the COVID-19 pandemic among them, and we did not make this decision lightly.

We celebrate more than 28 years of welcoming our guests, introducing them (and Greensboro) to Mediterranean cuisine, and serving them like family. We watched young children grow into adults who then brought their own children to try authentic falafel and tabbouleh for the first time. Jack’s became a community, where people gathered to share stories, listen to music, and engage in lively discussions. While the food nourished our customers, our guests nourished our relationships. We made countless dear friends along the way, and for all this we thank each of you.

The community embraced Jack’s Corner and made it a veritable Greensboro institution: what started out as a 25-seat mom-and-pop spot in the heart of the lovely UNC-G community soon had to expand seating and parking capacity to accommodate our customers’ demand. We could not have done it without their support, and we are humbled that we succeeded for nearly three decades as an independent, family-owned restaurant in a very tough business sector.

We are excited to see what’s in store for our great corner. We are confident that a new business will flourish on our property, which is now available for lease. We look forward to it forging deep, long-lasting relationships with the university and broader communities, as Jack’s did, and becoming a new cornerstone in the neighborhood. And to satisfy your cravings for authentic Mediterranean specialties, we encourage you to visit Jack’s sister, Ginah, at Wallstreet Deli and Catering on W. Friendly Ave.”

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