Green Crystals

Gragia Mountains – Seaside Rain Clouds

Green crystals are comparatively simple to farm as a result of Gragia Mountains doesn’t actually have a excessive stage of issue. There are various weaknesses for enemies right here, so having one particular elemental magic trick up your sleeve possible gained’t work in your favour. You can convey completely different expertise to battle, just like the spells you possibly can study from the widespread Granada Wharf Ark.

last cloudia farming spots - granada wharf ark

Personally, I believe choosing an AOE ability relatively than an elemental strategy is simpler, as this may assist you clear the realm a lot, a lot faster. Remember: quicker clear instances equals extra runs and extra supplies dropped, whatever the completely different Last Cloudia farming spots.


Blue Crystals

Lanzelia Snow Plains – The Envy of Others

Monsters listed below are weak to lightning, so you possibly can simply farm away with some lightning-based space assaults. If you probably did due diligence throughout your preliminary reroll, you might need Thunderbolt Sevia or Lukiel in your occasion – and even Divine Beast Rei for those who participated within the Descent of Heroes banner and lucked out. These three could have numerous lightning-based firepower for you and may convey the ache in devastating methods.
last cloudia farming spots - thunderbolt sevia skills


Last Cloudia Farming Spots: Purple Crystals

Blaze Garden – Blaze Garden

Like the enemies in Gragia Mountains, monsters in Blaze Garden aren’t notably susceptible to at least one single aspect. There is a whopping 9 waves per run, with a really useful stage of Lv. 37 in your occasion. If you play diligently by means of the Story Mode, it’s not going to be an issue for you – however when unsure, all the time convey a stage 100 help character if you could find one in your listing, simply in case you’re having a tough time.

Blaze Garden could take longer to clear in comparison with the opposite Last Cloudia farming spots, however the effort is effectively value it – you cannot solely rating purple crystals, however you may as well farm helpful Enhancement supplies for mages in your occasion.
blaze garden
Keep in thoughts that every one Last Cloudia farming spots will possible provide you with crystallite fragments that you simply additionally have to unlock talents. With all of the completely different crystals that you must farm, it’s simple to get preoccupied and neglect all concerning the common crystallite fragments, however let me inform you – I’ve gotten caught a number of instances on sure skill nodes simply because I didn’t have sufficient crystallite fragments with me. It’s fairly irritating, so if you really want to farm them in a jiffy, you possibly can head on over to Aldana Catacombs – Back into the Light for a couple of 94% probability for this stuff to drop.

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