Yeah, I’m so intrigued by her relationship with He Who Remains, and I love that there’s like this sinister turn with her character. And I think we knew we wanted her to be a bit more sinister in Episode 6, so I couldn’t resist the jump scare. It was like, we have to make it creepy, so let’s just go for it. And I think that’s the fun thing, right? She’s almost like the devil on their shoulder being like, ‘You can have exactly what you want.’ I think that it was really fun in that we thought of her as this very sweet kind of good character, and it’s like, oh, no, she’s actually quite powerful and knows more than anyone at the TVA. So, yeah, I think that was kind of fun, really, and that moment was really meant to be a temptation and kind of show, you know, will Loki or Sylvie go for this? And they won’t. I suppose in terms of the audience, it’s like at that point, you don’t know what’s going to happen in that room upstairs and how they’re going to be tempted again. So it’s kind of almost like a starter to the main course


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