Diya “Miss Diya” Hazarika is a popularly known figure in the Indian Free Fire community. The prominent content creator has been streaming content related to the game for quite some time on her YouTube channel, named “BlackPink Gaming.”

She currently has 1.11 million subscribers, out of which 30K have come over the last 30 days. Here’s an overview of her in-game details.

Miss Diya’s Free Fire ID and stats

Her Free Fire ID is 558477413.

Lifetime stats

All-time stats
All-time stats

Miss Diya has played 10255 squad games and has come out on top on 2218 occasions, leading to a win percentage of 21.62%. In addition, she has racked up 24465 kills, managing a K/D ratio of 3.04.

The streamer has appeared in 11154 duo matches and has outshined her foes in 1922, converting to a win rate of 17.23%. In the process, she has 28035 frags at a K/D ratio of 3.04.

The content creator has competed in 6122 games in the solo mode and has a winning tally of 637, which comes down to a win ratio of 10.40%. Additionally, with a K/D ratio of 2.40, she has 13140 eliminations.

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Ranked stats

Ranked stats
Ranked stats

Diya has featured in 233 squad matches and has 61 first-place finishes, resulting in a win rate of 26.18%. In addition, she has killed 749 enemies at a K/D ratio of 4.35.

The internet star has won 56 of the 342 games in the duo mode, corresponding to a win percentage of 16.37%. She has also accumulated 1113 frags, upholding a K/D of 3.89.

The YouTuber has competed in 153 solo ranked matches and has remained unbeaten in 27 of them, equating to a win ratio of 17.64%. In these games, she has 491 eliminations at a K/D ratio of 3.90.

Note: The stats in this article were recorded at the time of writing. They are subject to change as the content creator continues to play more games in Garena Free Fire.


Her earnings (Image via Social Blade)
Her earnings (Image via Social Blade)

As per Social Blade, Diya’s monthly earnings are between $916 and $14.7K. Her yearly income is projected to be in the range of $11K to $175.8K.

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YouTube channel

The oldest stream on Miss Diya’s channel dates to August 2019. At the moment, she has 588 videos with 70 million views combined.

The rise of BlackPink Gaming
The rise of BlackPink Gaming’s channel

In the last year, she has gained 800K subscribers and over 60 million views. Readers can click here to visit the YouTube channel of BlackPink Gaming.

Social media handles

Link for her Instagram profile is below:

Miss Diya’s Instagram: Click here.

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