Exciting action is the one area where Nobody fully delivers.

Made in part by stunt-centric studio 87North Productions, Nobody is a movie that had some of the best in the business working to make the grappling and gun play as authentic as possible, and combined with the skills of Hardcore Henry’s Ilya Naishuller the action is the film’s greatest accomplishment – and a legitimate one. The various sequences are well orchestrated from bottom to top, with strong design, convincing performances, and visceral editing. Adding to the palpability is that Hutch’s years away from service make him far from a flawless fighter, and that lets his opponents get more than a few hits. It not only adds verisimilitude, but also, divorced from context, in-the-moment tension that heightens any given scene. It couldn’t be said that they are all fully earned, but they’re all enjoyable in the moment.


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