Overwatch will be holding a new event titled Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge, and it will center around the game’s light-bending architech. From November 17-30, players can obtain seven new sprays, a player icon, and a new Epic skin titled Marammat Symmetra. You can unlock these rewards by winning in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade modes. Three wins net you the player icon, six wins give you a new spray, and nine wins award you with Symmetra’s new skin.

The in-game event accompanies a short story called “Stone by Stone.” Written by Christie Golden, the new storyline features Symmetra on an expedition to find “understanding and compassion within” and subsequently give back “harmony and order to those in need.”

“Stone by Stone” starts with Symmmetra being sent to fix Vishkar Corp’s mistake of destroying a sacred statue of Aurora. There she connects with Tekhartha Zenyatta to better understand Aurora, the omnic religion, and how she can make up for the statue’s destruction. The short story is the second piece of media Blizzard has commissioned for Overwatch’s Architect of Light. It follows a Symmetra-centric comic titled “A Better World,” which introduces Symmetra, some of her history, and contextualizes her place in Vishkar Corp.

You can also get extra sprays by watching Twitch streamers. Two hours equals one spray, four hours equals two sprays, and six hours equal three sprays. Blizzard hasn’t revealed which streams will qualify yet, so stay tuned for that information.

Blizzard is still working on Overwatch 2, but a release date is currently unknown. The company said Echo would be the last new hero before Overwatch’s sequel drops. BlizzCon takes place on February 21, so we’ll likely hear more news about Overwatch 2 then.

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