Phantasy Star Online 2 is getting a significant update next week that will usher in the next chapter of the MMORPG’s storyline. Beyond new story content, Episode 6 will include Phantom and Etoile classes to check out and will raise the level cap to 95. All of the Episode 6 content releases on December 9 for free.

Episode 6’s story picks up after the alternate dimension Omega was able to get rid of the gigantic black hole. The victory doesn’t last long as the ARKS find a new foe in the form of the Goddess of Annihilation Shiva, who declares war upon the entire universe. It’s now up to players to go up against her fleets of spaceships in what Sega is calling “the most massive battle in the history of ARKS.”

Players will be able to take the battle to Shiva while playing as two new classes. The Phantom class uses rods, katanas, and assault rifles to damage enemies and are able to modify their Photon Arts by using weapon actions. Meanwhile, the Etoile class specializes in support and melee combat. Wielding blades and wands, these defensive-minded characters are able to restore party members’ HP and PP during combat.

As far as new quests go, PSO2 is adding in a new urgent quest called Armada of Annihilation: Interception. This ties into the new story content and will be a space battle waged by the Goddess of Annihilation. Additionally, there are new risk exploration quests and level up quests that will give players a special present upon completion plus 200% experience.

Players will find themselves going up against two new enemy types during these missions. The Luminmech packs quite the challenge as they are heavily armored and deal significant damage. Even more fearsome is the Ultra Enemy type, which is an evolved form of enemies and Falspawn found on each planet. These foes are found in risk exploration missions and are classified as being “ultra hard.” There’s a good reason to go up against them, though, as players can unlock powerful weapons by defeating them.

To help take on these new challenges, Sega is adding two summoner pets into PSO2. Herbie is the evolved form of Redran and has a genius personality type. That means Herbie will have increased PP recovery, Photon Arts performance, and normal attack damage against bosses. The other new pet is Vulcan, which is the evolution of Synchro and an aggressive type. Vulcan is able to use damaging kicks and does more damage with its bomb and strike attacks than its previous form.

Episode 6 will cap off a busy year for PSO2, which saw Sega’s popular MMO finally release in North America on Xbox One and PC, arrive on Steam, and put on memorable Persona and NieR: Automata crossovers. The New Genesis expansion is set to release next year, although it won’t replace the base game.

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