Pokemon Go developer Niantic has shared extra particulars concerning the game’s Weather Week. The occasion kicks off subsequent Wednesday, March 24, at 10 AM native time, and it options Pokemon which might be keen on wet or windy climate, together with Shiny Rain Form Castform.

Throughout the Weather Week occasion, Castform and different Pokemon that seem throughout wet or windy circumstances, resembling Wingull and Ducklett, will spawn extra regularly within the wild. On prime of that, Psyduck, Poliwag, Swablu, Drifloon, Mantyke, Tympole, and Ducklett will hatch from 5 km eggs all through the occasion.

Rain Form Castform
Rain Form Castform

In addition to the elevated Pokemon spawns, completely different Pokemon shall be featured in Raids. Slowpoke, Tynamo, and others will seem in one-star Raids, whereas Swellow, Pelipper, and extra will function three-star Raid bosses. Therian Forme Thundurus will even proceed showing in five-star Raids, and Mega Houndoom, Mega Manectric, and Mega Abomasnow shall be featured in Mega Raids.

Niantic will even maintain two mini-events throughout Weather Week. First, Pokemon that take pleasure in wet weather–like Vaporeon, Lotad, and Stunfisk–will seem extra regularly from March 24-27. After that, Pokemon which might be keen on windy weather–such as Skarmory, Taillow, and Pidove–will seem extra regularly from March 27-29. There will even be unique Field and Timed Research duties to finish all through the occasion, and you may earn further Stardust every time you catch a Pokemon with climate enhance.

The Weather Week occasion runs till 8 PM native time on March 29. You can learn extra particulars about it on the official Pokemon Go blog.

In the meantime, Pokemon Go’s Charge Up occasion is underway till March 22. Therian Forme Thundurus can also be showing in five-star Raids till March 30, after which level it is going to be changed by the debuting Therian Forme Tornadus.

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