If you were hoping to customize your new PS5 with a fancy faceplate, you may have to wait for an official Sony solution. A company offering replacement PS5 plates in a variety of colors has canceled orders after being threatened with a lawsuit.

Speaking to VGC, a representative from Customize My Plates–which had been known as PlateStation5 until a few days ago–confirmed that it was canceling all plate orders. It cited Sony’s legal threats as the reason behind both its name change, which Sony said infringed on its own trademarks, as well as the cancellations.

“… Sony’s lawyers told us it was their opinion [that] Sony’s intellectual property extended to the faceplates, and that if we continued to sell and distribute them in any country, we would end up in court,” the representative said.

It will be abandoning the console customization business, but it’s unlikely Customize My Plates will be offering plate replacements in the future. Instead, it’s currently offering controller and console skins, which are sheets of vinyl you can stick to the console itself. They do not replace the existing faceplates like the original components would have, and they’re a little cheaper.

Because of how easy it is to remove the faceplates (it requires no tools to do so), Sony will most likely offer its own replacements in different colors down the line. It would certainly be easier than offering completely different colors for the consoles, which Sony has done in the past. The Xbox 360’s first iteration featured a replaceable faceplate, as well. We’re sure plenty of people want to make their PS5 camo, but they might not be able to find it later.

The PS5 launches November 12. As of now, it is only available in white, as is the DualSense controller. Check out or PS5 preorder guide for availability information on both the console and its accessories.

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