The government has banned PUBG Mobile anf PUBG Mobile lite in india. There were roumer and tension between gamers about ban on PUBG, but now it has become the reality. Millions of player will lose access to their PUBG mobile account. Government has banned total 118 chiness app on wednesday. These bans come after india and china border dispute. Now everybody wants to know how to play PUBG MOBILE after ban.

PUBG Mobile Ban in India: Now What happens next

What is going to happen in the case of PUBG Mobile is going to be story similar to what has happened to TikTok. In the next few hours, or a day or so, when Apple and Google receive government notification, they will remove PUBG from their app stores for Indian users. People who have already installed PUBG will continue to have the app on their phones, but it may not work because telecom companies like Jio and Airtel will block PUBG connection to servers after they receive notice from the government.

As for PUBG Mobile allowed in India again, it is not going to happen anytime soon. This is because the ban is a direct result India China border dispute and until that is not resolved, India is now going to allow the use of banned Chinese apps in the country.

How to play PUBG Mobile game in India

Yes and no. when we talk of PUBG, we miss that there are two PUBG apps. Originally the game was made for computers by a South Korean company. This game remains available in India. But it can run only on desktop computers and laptops. The PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are the games made Tencent, a Chinese company, under licence from the Korean company. These two apps have been banned.

While PUBG Mobile was free to play on mobile, but on Pc it cost 999rs on Steam. Storyline and functions are the same as it was on Mobile but graphic and the gameplay is very high quality. To play PUBG on pc you need to have high-performance PC, and there is also a pc lite version for free which does not require a very powerful pc. The only difference are graphics.

What it means in simple words is that you can still play PUBG in India on a computer desktop or laptop. But you can no longer play it on the mobile phone.

There is also one another way to play PUBG MOBILE on mobile, which is Through vpn(virtual portal network). Vpn helps you bypass your ip or ips provider restrictions.

There are many free and paid Vpn available in the app store or play store.

To play PUBG Mobile on mobile just connect your VPN to different locations:- USA, CHINA, JAPAN, GERMANY etc. After connecting to a Different country just open your game and you will be able to play your game but on different servers.

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