Tencent Games and PUBG Mobile Corporation’s (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) Mobile rolled out a new 0.15.5 update on November 8, 2019, and this update gave us many changes alongside the arrival of Royale Season 10 and Falcon companion with Falcon companion Redeem code.

Update 0.15.5 has also brought a Falcon bird companion system to the PUBG user and here is everything you need to know about the falcon companion in PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile has shared many codes, one of them is Falcone companion Redeem code.

Falcon companion in PUBG Mobile? what it does

Falcon companion is like a charm or accessories, which player can wear or use. Falcon companion sits on the player shoulder and move around player and do some action and sound. it doesn’t improve or help in gameplay, it’s just a showpiece to make the player feel awesome.

Players can easily find the Falconry Manual in the time-limited event menu in the game. By going through everything in the manual of the falcon and check all the photos that contain key information and 3 hidden tips on the point of the handbook (marked by exclamation points), you will unlock event rewards. Below are all the places you need to explore to unlock rewards.

How to find Falcon companion

To find the Falcon companion, players have to find falcon nest first. After that when players will move towards nets, players will get an option to hatch it. After that just click on the birdie icon & it will sit on players shoulder & follow players throughout the match, And it is only visible to players & teammates.

During the In-game event period, players can go into the game and play 5 matches to get 5 Companion Shards every day after winning match.

Locations to find the nests all around the maps:-

Falcon companion nest Location.

Erangel: Church in Pochinki
Erangel: Green Building in Mylta Power
Erangel: On Top of the Tallest Structure in Georgopol
Sanhok: Top of the Wooden structure inside the Cave
Miramar: On Top of the Tallest Structure in Los Leones

The Falcon companion costs 20 Companion Shards and the Companion Food costs 1 Companion Shard per bucket. Players can only buy 1 Falcon companion, 1 Falcon Avatar, and 30 Companion Foods max. Players can level up their companions in-game, which will additionally unlock more actions for players companion. The Falcon companion can reach a maximum level of 5.

R89FPLM9S- PUBG Mobile Redeem code to get a Free Falcon Companion

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