PUBG Mobile, the title that shook the mobile gaming and esports industry, can be credited with single-handedly revolutionizing mobile gaming. The title, launched in 2018, has drawn a lot of interest from all quarters and is still growing meteorically. The title has also been nominated for many gaming awards as well.

However, with this unprecedented amount of success, the game, like many other titles, has had to deal with the menace of Cheaters/Hackers. PUBG Mobile developers have taken swift and strict action against such activities by developing an anti-cheat system that detects and bans hackers.

The developers have also set up an in-game reporting system through which legitimate players can report cheaters they encounter while playing. PUBG Mobile has repeatedly reiterated that they strive to make the playing environment fair for their player-base.

PUBG Mobile anti-cheating report(image via PUBG Mobile Twitter)
PUBG Mobile anti-cheating report(image via PUBG Mobile Twitter)

Along with these measures, PUBG Mobile has also started a BanPan initiative. The developers publish weekly reports detailing the number of accounts banned and the types of cheats used.

According to this week’s report, i.e., from July 2nd to July 8th, a total of 1,596,116 were banned for cheating. The percentage of accounts banned rose slightly by 15% as compared to last week’s numbers.

PUBG Mobile accounts banned in different tiers by percentage

1) Bronze (17%)

2) Silver (6%)

3) Gold (7%)

4) Platinum (13%)

5) Diamond (23%)

6) Crown (22%)

7) Ace (11%)

8) Conqueror (1%)

The percentage of accounts banned in higher tiers, i.e. (Diamond, Crown, and Ace) remained on the higher side this week, too, accounting for a total of 56% of the accounts banned.

Types of cheats used this week

1) Modification of Character Model (33%)

2) Speed Hacks (11%)

3) Modification of Area Damage (9%)

4) Auto Aim (18%)

5) X-Ray Vision (17%)

6) Miscellaneous Hacks Others (12%)

Auto Aim and X-Ray Vision hacks saw a steep increase this week, while the Modification of Character model witnessed a slight decrease.

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