PUBG Mobile by Tencent has been the most profitable mobile game since its inception. According to data analyst site Sensor Tower, the game has crossed $1 billion in revenues in just five months of 2021.

The game also received a nomination in the Mobile Game of the Year category at the prestigious Esports Awards 2021.

There is also a growing esports ecosystem for the game that provides fair opportunities to gamers to showcase their skill.

Although PUBG Mobile has achieved great success, it has had lots of issues as well. One of them is cheating, where some players use third-party scripts to gain an unfair advantage over others.

The PUBG Mobile developers have put a solid anti-cheat system in place to deal with these hackers and to ensure fair play. The anti-cheat system not only restricts cheaters but also bans them immediately.

The PUBG Mobile anti-cheating report for the last week is out
The PUBG Mobile anti-cheating report for the last week is out

Additionally, they provide details on social media about how many accounts were banned and what type of cheats were used.

For the week from June 11th to June 17th, PUBG Mobile permanently banned 2,567,950 accounts for cheating. This is a whopping 97 percent increase as compared to last week.

Break-up of the PUBG Mobile accounts banned

  • 1 % of Conqueror tier accounts
  • 15% of Ace tier accounts
  • 28% of Crown tier accounts
  • 23% of Diamond tier accounts
  • 11% of Platinum tier accounts
  • 5% of Gold tier accounts
  • 5% of Silver-tier accounts
  • 12% of Bronze tier account

The majority of banned accounts were mid-tier accounts, a change from previous statistics.

Types of cheats used

  • Auto-Aim – 12%
  • Speed Hack – 8%
  • X-Ray Hack – 8%
  • Modification of Area Damage – 2%
  • Modification of Character Model – 67%
  • Other (Not specified) – 3%

A mind-boggling 67 percent of banned accounts modified their character models using some sort of hack. The change is dramatic compared to previous data, so it makes sense why more than 2.5 million accounts were banned.

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