After the success of PUBG Mobile, the developers released a streamlined version of the title called “PUBG Mobile Lite” two years ago. It has seen a meteoric surge in popularity and has emerged as one of the most famous battle royale games on the mobile platform.

A fresh update to the game is released every few months, fixing bugs and adding new features. Players can either download it on their devices through the Google Play Store or use the APK file prevalent on the official PUBG Mobile Lite website. The following is all the information players need to know about it.

Details about the latest PUBG Mobile Lite version

File size

A snippet from the Play Store page of PUBG Mobile Lite (Image via PUBG Mobile Lite)
A snippet from the Play Store page of PUBG Mobile Lite (Image via PUBG Mobile Lite)

On the Google Play Store page of PUBG Mobile Lite, developers have stated that the game’s file size varies based on the user’s device. However, players can expect it to be between 600-750 MB. Players should also note that additional patches are downloaded for the game periodically.

Device requirements and download guide

Requirements of PUBG Mobile Lite (Image via Tencent)
Requirements of PUBG Mobile Lite (Image via Tencent)

The official Tencent Games support mentions the following requirements to play PUBG Mobile Lite:

  • Operating System: Android 4.1 or higher
  • RAM: 1GBs (Minimum) or higher

Step 1: They need to boot up the Google Play Store application and search for PUBG Mobile Lite. Players can otherwise use this link to visit the Play Store page.

Step 2: Next, they should press the “Install” button to download PUBG Mobile Lite on their devices.

Next WP season

Presently, the PUBG Mobile Lite Season 28 Winner Pass is ongoing. There are still many rewards up for grabs. However, the ongoing season will end this month, and Season 29 will begin on 1 October.

With the new season, a fresh set of rewards will be added. Users will purchase paid versions – Elite Upgrade and Elite Upgrade Plus for 280 and 800 BC. Players can check out the leaks in the video above.

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