PUBG Mobile lite, the smaller and lighter version of PUBG Mobile LTE updates version zero.14.0. as one would possibly expect, the update adds a bunch of recent features and fixes. Here’s the changelog of the new update:

  1. New WP theme and rewards.
  2. New outfits added.
  3. Updated system settings.
  4. Added customization guide.
  5. Added emotes.
  6. Improved UI & update pack size.
  7. Improved graphics.
  8. Battle parameters improved.
  9. Increased accuracy of RPG-7.
  10. Added bombing zones.

The addition of emotes in addition as new outfits ought to build the game more just like the quality version of PUBG MOBILE LITE. It should even be noted that the game can currently feature bombing zones, that ought to add a brand new layer of strategy to the game. It ought to be noted that PUBG MOBILE LITE UPDATES options a far smaller map. As such, it ought to create the red zone far more dangerous.

We additionally noted a brand new a lot of additions that weren’t a district of the changelog. the most menu currently options a pickup within the background. Currently, the sport solely offers a smaller version of Erangel for players to play on. Considering the very fact that the pickup is exclusive to the Miramar map, it’s potential that the developers could add a smaller version of the desert map to PUBG MOBILE LITE soon.


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