The second week of Season 3 of the Peacekeeper Elite League (PEL) begins on 26 August. The five-week league stage will conclude on 19 September, with the top fifteen teams moving on to the grand finals.

TMG won the PEL 2021 Season 3 Week 1
TMG won the PEL 2021 Season 3 Week 1

In the first week of the competition, Team Game (TMG) was crowned as the winner, taking home 1,000,000 Yuan (approximately 154,000 USD). In terms of overall points, Four Angry Men (4 AM) tied with them but were outdone in terms of kills.

The third-place finish went to STE, while Nova Tencent Video (Nova XQF) placed fourteenth due to their poor performance.

The star-studded The Chosen were relegated to the Week 2 elimination round as a result of failing to qualify for this Week 1 finals.

PEL 2021 Season 3 Week 2 schedule

Day 1 (26 August – Thursday)

The top 15 teams from the Week 1 finals will face each other over five maps in this round. The top five teams will advance to the weekly finals (Day 3 and Day 4). The remaining teams will be relegated to the second day of play.

PEL 2021 S3 Week 2 Day 1 teams

  1. Team Game
  2. Four Angry Men (4 AM)
  3. Six Two Eight (STE)
  4. Team Pai
  5. Team Weibo
  6. Team SMG
  7. LGD Gaming
  8. Royal Never Give Up (RNG)
  9. Show Time
  10. Tianba
  11. All Gamers
  12. Nova XQF
  13. Regan S Gaming (RSG)
  14. Titan Esports Club (TEC)
  15. Tong Jia Bao Esports (TJB)

PEL 2021 S3 Week 2 Day 2 (27 August – Friday)

In the elimination round on the second day of the week, the bottom ten teams of Week 2 Day 1 and the bottom five teams of the previous week’s elimination round (Day 2) will converge to determine the final ten spots for the corresponding weekly finals.

Bottom 5 teams from Week 1

  1. ACT
  2. JDE
  3. Q9
  4. DKG
  5. The Chosen (TC)

Days 3 and 4 (28 August and 29 August – Saturday and Sunday)

The Finals for Week 2 will be held on Day 3 and Day 4. Ten matches in all will be played. The overall league standings consist only of points earned during the weekly finals.

Map schedule

  • Miramar: FPP
  • Miramar: FPP
  • Sanhok: FPP
  • Erangel: FPP
  • Erangel: FPP

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