The second day of the first super weekend of the PMPL Season 4 South Asia has ended. I8 Esports topped the overall points table, scoring 53 kills and 97 points. They achieved this feat without any chicken dinner. The Deadeyes Guys accumulated 52 points for the day to finish in the second spot.

A victory in the final match propelled Bablu Clarity Esports eight spots up the table to end the day in third. Train To Kill slipped to fourth place as they merely collected 15 points from five matches. While DRS Gaming gained five positions, it still sits in 10th place behind their most significant rival Zeus Gaming.

PMPL Super Weekend Day 2 standings

The point table of PMPL SA Super Weekend after Week 1 Day 2
The point table of PMPL SA Super Weekend after Week 1 Day 2

Defending champions, DRS Gaming, won the first match with nine frags. Bablu Clarity showed aggressive gameplay, taking 12 frags. SEAL Esports scored seven frags during the match.

Vibes Esports won the desert match of the day with nine frags. Taking second place with nine frags was SEAL Esports, while I8 Esports was third with 10 frags.

The third match was again played on Erangel. Zeus Esports went on to win with 11 kills. They were followed by S9 Esports and DRS Gaming with eight and seven frags.

DRS Gaming sits at 10th place after PMPL SW Day 2
DRS Gaming sits at 10th place after PMPL SW Day 2

The fourth game took place on the rainforest map of Sanhok. It took Paradox 11 frags to claim the Chicken Dinner. Despite Zeus Esports and Vibes being eliminated early, they managed to snag six and five frags, respectively.

Bablu Clarity Esports won the fifth and final match of the day with 13 eliminations. Second place went to Standart Esports with 10 frags.

Top five kill leaders after PMPL Super Weekend Day 2

1. DRS Gyalzen – 33 kills

2. i8 Esports Crypto – 32 kills

3. Stalwart Top2A – 29 kills

4. Wizzes with Vibes Assasin – 28 kills

5. Bablu 420Boy- 27 kills

I8 once again stepped it up while Trained to Kill had a disappointing day. There is one day left in the first week, so teams like Zeus and DRS would be looking to move up the table.

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