Players can choose from a wide variety of skins, emotes, sets, and unique items in PUBG Mobile. A substantial number of exclusive and premium items can be earned as part of the Royale Pass, through events or purchased from the shop.

However, all of this requires spending UC, the virtual currency, and purchasing it isn’t within the reach of every player. This is why redeeming codes offers an easy alternative method for users to get them.

PUBG Mobile redeem code for today (July 4th)

Drifter Set is the reward for the latest PUBG Mobile redeem code
Drifter Set is the reward for the latest PUBG Mobile redeem code

Redeem code: BMTFZBZQNC

Reward: Drifter Set (one day)

The redeem code can be utilized by a limited number of users or can be used for a given amount of time.

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How to claim rewards in PUBG Mobile using redeem codes

The procedure for claiming rewards through the use of the PUBG Mobile redeem code is very straightforward. The steps for it have been listed below:

Step 1: Players need to visit PUBG Mobile’s Redemption Center and the link has been given below:

Website: Click here

Enter the details and redeem the code
Enter the details and redeem the code

Step 2: The next step involves users filling in all the particulars like their PUBG Mobile ID, redeem code, and verification code.

Step 3: Once they have accurately entered all the details, they have to press the ‘Redeem’ button.

Press ok button
Press ok button

Step 4: A message will pop up on the screen asking players to ensure that the details entered by them are correct. After verifying it, click on the okay button to complete this process successfully.

Press the collect button to receive the item
Press the collect button to receive the item

Step 5: After the reward is reflected in the account, it can be claimed through the game’s mail system and equipped through inventory.

Once the usage limit has been reached, it expires and the following error message is displayed to the users when attempting to use it, “Redemption Limit Reached.” Since there is no workaround for this error message, these users will miss out on the rewards.

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