PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 15 will start in a few months of this year. Tencent Games which is the developer of PUBG Mobile is developing many new features for one of its best Battle Royal games which is pubg.

Even though PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 14 has just begun, but there is nothing wrong to see what will come of PUBG Mobile Season 15!

PUBG Mobile is one of the best games in India today, this game offers a variety of features, as well as interesting gameplay and makes many India gamers today very addicted, one of its best features is the Royale Pass which is given every season at PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 features and release date

Lots of new feature fan items are offers at the upcoming PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 15. Starting from the new map, weapon skin, clothing skin, and others. Now here is a row of new things that will be given at PUBG Mobile Season 15! Below is full list of upcoming updates.

Erangel 2.0 Map

PUBG MOBILE Season 15 Erangel 2.0 map update

After Tencent gave an update to the mirarmar map, this time Tencent gave an update to the Erangel Map, namely Erangel 2.0. As should be obvious in the current season’s Erangle map, a few buildings and pinnacles are destroyed. In this way, the upgraded version of the Erangle map is relied upon to be added to the game during the following season.

New Mode

Pubg Mobile season 15 new mode

The new season of the game is relied upon to introduce another mode where the players will fight against a few viruses. These viruses can be killed to gain kills and loot. This will be an exceptional and exciting mode.

Ranked Mode

Pubg season 15 ranked mode

This new feature will be related to the rankings and leader boards. This will create a competitive environment for the players.

Season 15 Royal Pass

Much the same as each other season, season 15 will offer two versions of the royal pass. The Elite Royale Pass which will cost around 600 UC and the Elite Plus Pass will cost around 1800 UC.

Season 15 New Character

PUBG mobile season 15 new character

A new character is relied upon to discharge in season 15 called Sunny. In spite of the fact that we don’t know numerous insights concerning this character, it will be accessible in a black outfit with a golden finish.

Season 15 New Skins

The Royale Pass of the season 15 will include skins for AWM and a few different weapons. Another vehicle skin called “Gemstudded Dacia” will likewise be included. “Halloween Vampire” outfit will likewise be included. A few parachute skins will likewise be accessible including mountain dew, Facebook gaming, pro league, and warrior parachute. Another pan skin will likewise be included which will include killing impacts as well.

Gameplay Updates

The armor of vehicles will be increased and they will be more durable than the vehicles in the previous versions.

Release Date Of PUBG Mobile Royal season 15

With the end of Season 14 on 13th September, Season is expected to release on 15th September along with its Royale Pass.

To prepare for the new season, Tencent Game usually takes around 2 days, meaning that PUBG Mobile Season 15 will start on September 15, 2020. Now you can’t wait to wait for PUBG Mobile Season 15?

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