Once again for PUBG lover, a fresh new Season 13 is coming with many surprising features in PUBG Mobile. Pubg Players are already getting excited about this upcoming PUBG Mobile season 13 update news. Most of all Pubg Players are discussing this New season 13, what kind of royal pass rewards will be, purchase bonus, release date, etc. During this season 13 update, we’ll watch some new specs of guns, dresses, and car, guns skins, etc. the newest update that’s season 13 goes to release on the 13th May. PUBG Mobile Season 13 Rewards and skins are the most loved feature in-game.

As within the below picture of PUBGM, you’ve got to remain tuned to us until we check of season 13 reality check and about its update features. PUBG Mobile Season 13 Rewards and skins are coming to all of us to use and enjoy.

The new skins in the Royale Pass include blue and red Power Ranger themed skins named Flash Superman and Lava Superman individually. There is also a tribal themed skin for PUBG lover. Gun skins are in the Royale Pass include a Lego-style skin for the Vector gun and P92 pistol skin. There will also be a new skin for the AUG gun outside of the toys theme.

Along with these updates there are also many awesome emotes to buy/win in style and even new voices to set on players.

Season 13 Royal pass in India will cost 600 UC, which equals to around 775 Indian Rupees.

PUBG Mobile Season 13: Toy PlayGround

As of the knowledge, The Season 13 Toy Playground goes to hit the live server in PUBG Mobile on 11th May approximately . This new season also will bring an all-new version update which is 0.18.0. The Beta version is already out and therefore the leaked information of Season 13 is additionally getting considerably discussed.

Recently, a famous YouTuber called SPD Gaming revealed detailed information about the upcoming PUBG Mobile season 13. This upcoming season includes a replacement character, new gun skins, rewards, and far more cool stuff.

This season goes to be the foremost loved because PUBG’s new theme name is TOYS PLAYGROUND.” If our expectation is correct, then you’ll find some colourful stuff that’s inspired by our childhood memories. PUBG also take cared for everybody once I was a toddler i really like Power Rangers. So you’ll find power rangers outfit in season 13.

Rather than that, something is coming called “TRIBAL TREASURE.” during this treasure, you’ll be getting tribal skins. Also, we will get something that’s connected to the corona crisis; this is often my expectation not true.

In this latest season PUBG goes to introduce a replacement character ANDY we cannot add it’s a picture but he looks Asian wearing a black hat and white shirt under a leather jacket.

Leaked Royale Pass Rewards and Skins

As from the leaks of new PUBG Update, there’s a replacement update coming in Miramar map, that is‘sandstorm.’ Miramar map is extremely open and full in order that you’ll watch your enemy from far, but during this update, the sandstorm made the air unclear, and you can’t see through it. Below i am going to mention all the possible rewards in pubg.

RP 100 Outfit

ubg mobile royal pass 13 new outfit of power ranger

rp 100 outfit
Actually, some people think that this PUBG Mobile outfit can’t exist, but this is often referenced from the Balenciaga outfit, which is precisely an equivalent as this PUBG outfit. In season 13, this royale pass is formed for girl avatar. And you’ll be ready to redeem this outfit soon. you’ll get this outfit once you achieve 100 RP.

Season 13 POWER RANGER Theme

Season 13 POWER RANGER Theme
Look at these cool power ranger royale pass rewards, which could be available at 100 RP. this is often so colorful and remembering me of my childhood memories once I watch Power rangers regularly.

Season 13 Helmet

helmet season 13
This latest PUBG helmet is meant sort of a TRIBE helmet, so you’ll see some cool tribal or local themes in PUBG mobile. this is often the third leaked ROYALE PASS, which can be available soon on our page, so stay tuned.



Ohh! Look this season 13 printed parachute the sole leaked ROYALE PASS image. there’s something crazy skins are coming soon in PUBGM.

Season 13 VECTOR

Pubg mobile royal pass 13 new vector gun skin

This vector skin is going to be open within the crate in season 13 update. This skin is inspired by children’s plastic and colorful guns.

Season 13 AUG

aug season 13
New ROYALE PASS REWARD coming in season 13 in PUBGM. AUG is that the rarest gun in PUBG, which is especially found in AIRDROPS only. This AUG skin is that the latest leak of PUBG mobile.

We have provided you some leaks about the PUBGM new season 13, which is close to launch. Again let me clear this is often leaks, not 100% sure that these ROYALE PASS REWARDS must be seen in season 13, but surely, PUBG will drop some exciting features we’ve to stay patience and stay tuned to us to urge perfect results. All the PUBG fans are waiting eagerly for season 13 and what’s inside and every one this stuff but within the above article there some images that are fake, we aren’t sure that until PUBG officially launches it. the foremost important thing that in season 13 you’ll be getting 600 UC for free of charge it’s for beat PUBG season 13.

I hope you liked the article please confirm to read another interesting article poping and to urge these sort of piping hot news stay connected to us.

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