PUBG Mobile is among the most downloaded and performed video games within the BR class. The game provides superb dynamics and many modes and maps to discover. There are HD graphics and immersive soundtracks with real-life impressed weapons within the game.

The Karakin map is the sixth map within the record of maps accessible within the PUBG Mobile. The map has been changed with the Vikendi map from the game. This article dives into the highest 5 options of the Karakin map in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile: Top 5 options of Karakin map

#1 Sticky Bomb

Sticky Bomb in Karakin map
Sticky Bomb in Karakin map

The sticky bomb is among the most fascinating options of the brand new Karakin map. Players can use sticky bombs for varied functions, like penetrating a skinny wall or getting a gap to the underground bunkers accessible throughout the map. A participant can carry as much as 18 sticky bombs in his backpack.

#2 Black Zone

Black Zone in Karakin
Black Zone in Karakin

On the Karakin map, a brand new zone named Black Zone has been added. The zone works the identical because the purple zone in different maps like Erangel and Miramar. The Black Zone within the Karakin map can destroy complete buildings and knock or kill gamers inside them. So, one have to be cautious to keep away from getting caught in a black zone. Players are really useful to evacuate the buildings to remain secure.

#3 Panzerfaust

Panzerfaust in Karakin map
Panzerfaust in Karakin map

Panzerfault is a brand new rocket launcher accessible on the Karakin map. The launcher can demolish a whole constructing with gamers inside it. However, the participant must be cautious whereas utilizing the Panzerfaust launcher. The rocket launcher has a backfire burst that may knock a teammate standing behind a participant who makes use of the Panzerfust within the game.

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#4 G36C assault rifle

G36C rifle in Karakin map
G36C rifle in Karakin map

The G36C assault rifle is an unique weapon accessible on the Vikendi map. However, now that the Karakin map has changed the Vikendi map, the weapon continues to be accessible. The G36C assault rifle makes use of 5.56mm ammunition and is among the finest weapons for close-range and mid-range fight in PUBG Mobile.

#5 Bunkers

Bunkers in Karakin map
Bunkers in Karakin map

To add extra dynamics to the Karakin map, PUBG Mobile has added underground bunkers to the game. These bunkers are unfold all through the map, and gamers can use them to entry varied underground tunnels. However, a few of these bunkers are working whereas some are inactive. Players can distinguish an energetic underground bunker with the assistance of a flag positioned outdoors the bunker.

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Published 29 Apr 2021, 14:27 IST

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