The league stage of the Peacekeeper Elite League (PEL) 2021 Season 3, which commenced on August 19, has finally concluded with Team Game (TMG) emerging as the champions.

The five-week league stages were set to be finished on September 19, but due to a new gaming rule in China, the third week was postponed, and a short transfer period took place. The top 15 teams have qualified for grand finals.

Weekly winners of PEL 2021 Season 3 league stage

  • Week 1: TMG
  • Week 2: TMG
  • Week 3: Show Time (ST)
  • Week 4: Nove Esports
  • Week 5: Nova Esports
PEL 2021 Season 3 league stage overall standings (based on the weekly point system)
PEL 2021 Season 3 league stage overall standings (based on the weekly point system)

Teams qualified for the PEL 2021 Season 3 grand finals

  1. Nova Esports (Nova Tencent Video)
  2. Royal Never Give Up (RNG)
  3. Four Angry Men (4 AM)
  4. Six Two Eight (STE)
  5. Team Pai
  6. The Chosen
  7. Show Time
  8. LGD Gaming
  9. Team Game
  10. All Gamers
  11. Team Weibo
  12. Regan S Gaming (RSG)
  13. Titan Esports Club (TEC)
  14. Still Moving Under Gunfire (SMG)
  15. Tong Jia Bao Esports(TJB)

Team Game had a very dominant league stage thanks to two weekly titles. Their final league stage score was 71.

Fan-favorite Nova Esports came in second with 67 points. They had a below-average start to the season but made a grand comeback by winning back-to-back weekly finals.

The new star-studded team, The Chosen, came in third with 53 points. They didn’t qualify for the first weekly finals and had a horror run in the second week, but the side made a remarkable comeback in the last three weeks.

Following a disastrous previous season, 4AM also enjoyed a decent league stage, finishing sixth.

Teams that failed to qualify for the PEL 2021 S3 grand finals

  1. Tianba
  2. Qing Jiu Club (Q9)
  3. ACT Gaming
  4. Da Kun Gaming (DKG)
  5. JD Esports

The finals are scheduled from September 30 to October 3. A total of 20 matches will be played with five per day in the finals to determine the champions.

It will be interesting to see whether Team Game can continue their performance in the finals or if Nova Esports will run through with their hot form. Fans will also hope for The Chosen to fire and win their first title.

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