PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile are two mega-popular Battle Royale titles within the esports neighborhood. Both have the identical aim: survive until the tip. Both video games have gained an amazing fan base all around the world, and consequently, gamers generally pit the 2 towards one another to see which is best.

Both PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile supply a wide array of weapon arsenals with completely different weapon class classes.

This article lists down all of the weapon lessons of those titles to see which considered one of them has a larger selection.

COD Mobile or PUBG Mobile: Assessing the firearms

Weapon assortment in PUBG Mobile

Armory in PUBG Mobile
Armory in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has quite a lot of weapon lessons in addition to firearms to supply to its gamers. Given under is the up to date listing of all of the weapon lessons and weapons obtainable in PUBG Mobile:

  • Assault Rifles: PUBG Mobile has weapons like Scar-L, FAMAS, M416, and so forth., below the AR armory, having a complete of 11 ARs.
  • DMRs: The Designated Marksman Rifles class has weapons like MK12, Mini 14, VSS with a complete of seven DMRs.
  • SMGs: UMP, Vector, and P90 are additionally included below the SMG class, with 7 SMGs being obtainable within the game.
  • Sniper Rifles: AWM, M24, and Kar98k are three of the most effective snipers within the game together with win94 within the listing.
  • Shotguns: This class contains highly effective SGs like S1897, S686, which may exploit the enemy in shut combats. It has 5 shotguns included within the game.
  • Pistols, Melees, Throwables, and Others: The Pistol class contains a variety of alternatives, together with 9 weapons within the armory. There are Melee weapons l pan, crowbar, machete, and sickle. The throwable part has frag grenade, stun grenade, molotov cocktail, and smoke grenade. It additionally has a flare gun that may be fired up within the sky to summon particular airdrops.

Weapon assortment in COD Mobile

Armory in COD Mobile
Armory in COD Mobile

Here is the detailed listing of all of the weapons obtainable in COD Mobile:

  • Assault: There are a complete of 16 ARs current within the armory of COD Mobile. It options common weapons like AK-47, M4, DR-H, and so forth.
  • Sniper: There are 7 Snipers within the game, together with Arctic .50, Outlaw, Locus, and so forth. The game additionally has a marksman rifle referred to as Kilo-Bolt motion.
  • LMG: There are 5 LMGs or Light Machine Guns current within the game’s armory part that includes weapons like RPD, Chopper, M4LMG, and so forth.
  • SMG: COD Mobile gives a plethora of SMG weapons within the game. Including Fennec, QQ9, Cordite, and AGR 556, there are a complete of 13 SMGs obtainable within the game presently.
  • Shotgun: There are 6 Shotguns current within the game, together with common weapons like Striker, Echo, and BY15.
  • Melees, Pistols, and Launcher: COD Mobile sees three pistols, two launchers, and three melee objects within the game. The extremely popular .50 GS pistol can also be included within the armory part of the game.
  • Others: The game additionally has Lethal utilities like Trip mine, Sticky grenade, Concussion grenade, Smoke grenade, and so forth.


Both COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile have varied assortment of weapons and by no means fail to fulfill their gamers. To examine them on selection, each of them have a variety of weapon lessons with distinct firearms in every class. On the quantity depend, COD Mobile is perhaps the winner, however PUBG Mobile additionally has some nice weapons to supply to its fanbase.

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Published 02 Mar 2021, 18:33 IST

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