Krafton Inc. recently revealed update for the PUBG New State (Mobile) alpha has hit the servers.

Following the success of PUBG Mobile, the developer decided to take battle royale to new heights with new futuristic gameplay. PUBG New State (Mobile) offers improvised gaming graphics along with new futuristic in-game elements.

The new BR experience gained significant popularity among gamers, and everyone was keen to experience it. Eventually, alpha tests were rolled out. However, severe issues were recently reported.

It is believed that the new update fixes the issue and offer a seamless gaming experience.

PUBG New State (Mobile): Alpha version update to fix server issues

PUBG New State (Mobile) takes gamers to 2051, where everything is wrapped in futuristic themes. From weapons to vehicles, the Battle Royale experience is unique and something never seen before.

Ever since the developers broke the news, gamers noticed and expressed their strong desire to access the game.

Eventually, Krafton Inc. rolled out alpha tests for gamers to try out PUBG New State (Mobile). The game’s extreme popularity caused several users to log in simultaneously, causing the servers to malfunction.

To fix this issue, Krafton has rolled out a significant update for the second alpha version of PUBG New State (Mobile). The update was scheduled for 28 August, 03:45 (UTC+0), i.e., today.

Gamers will be required to update their existing alpha versions before entering the game. The update will bring forth several changes, and the developers have revealed the details on their official website.

Players can experience the following changes:

  • In-game chat has been disabled to improve app and server stability.
  • In-game voice chat will still be available.
  • The previous restrictions on Developer Options have been lifted. Survivors can now access the game even if they have Developer Options enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes crash when recruiting a teammate, when a teammate left the party, or when a teammate’s status changed.
  • Fixed an audio issue that would sometimes occur at the start of a round.

Part of the update will be effective in changing some aspects of other alpha versions. Users will be required to update their applications before embarking on the journey of getting a coveted Chicken Dinner.

The changes will be as follows:

  • Lobby chat has been disabled to improve app and server stability.
  • Voice chat will still be available in the lobby.

It is anticipated that the update will fix the existing issues, and gamers can enjoy PUBG New State (Mobile) alpha tests without facing any difficulties.

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