The PUBG New State launch trailer is now out, and the “big news” has been conveyed to the players. After a nine-month pre-registration period, the game will officially be released on Android and iOS platforms on 11 November.

Users can check out the trailer below:

Gamers now just have to wait for around three weeks until they can get their hands on PUBG New State. Earlier, the exact date was leaked by several data miners on social media platforms.

Release date and other details of PUBG New State announced

In FOUR hours, we will be releasing our Launch Trailer, where we will finally announce the “big news”We will also release our Media Showcase right after the trailer, so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch all the action!
youtube.com/PUBGNEWSTATE#pubgnewstate https://t.co/hzLi4R3Jr6

With the trailer’s arrival, gamers now have the assurance of when the game will be made available, i.e., 11 November. The hype for its release is sky-high, and fans wait for PUBG New State’s launch with bated breath.

Due to the game’s setting in 2051, individuals will be able to experience various futuristic items, including drones and more. The graphics will also be taken to the next level as PUBG New State utilizes global illumination technology.

Until the game is released, players can pre-register themselves as there is a special reward — permanent vehicle skin. Here are further details about the procedure:


Visit PUBG New State’s Google Play Store page. Pressing this URL will directly redirect players to its specific page.

Click “Got it” to complete pre-registration (Image via Play Store)
Click “Got it” to complete pre-registration (Image via Play Store)

As part of the next step, they can tap on the “Pre-register” button. A pop-up will show up, and users can select the “Got it” option to complete the process.

Another choice is to tap on “Install when available”. If players select this, the game will be automatically downloaded once it is made available.


Gamers should open the Apple App Store and go to the game’s Apple App Store page. The link for it is as follows:

Apple App Store page: Click here

Complete the process to pre-order the game (Image via Apple App Store)
Complete the process to pre-order the game (Image via Apple App Store)

They can press the “Get” option and verify the procedure. As a result, PUBG New State will be pre-ordered.

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