Rai star YouTube Channel is one of the popular gaming content channels among the Free Fire community.

And he started his channel in 2019 with fewer subscribers but now it moved to 4.54 Million subscribers among many numbers of Free Fire competitive channels. And his topmost views of his video are almost 92 Million.

Raistar has accumulated 300k Subscribers and 8.72 Million views only for the last 30 days.

Raistar’s YouTube channel has a total view of almost 75 Millions for the videos he uploaded on his YouTube channel and he also earned from the live streaming of the popular  Free Fire battle royal game.

And according to the report of celebnetworth wiki website, Raistar’s monthly income is almost around 34.11K dollars. And his net worth cannot be estimated because of his invisible personal data. But we will see about his normal basic details, his real name is Akshay and he is 19 years old.

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