Resident Evil Village’s touring service provider, the Duke, will promote you a complete lot of helpful stuff over the course of the game. One service you may not know he affords, although, is his culinary experience. If you discover the substances, the Duke will prepare dinner numerous meals and share them with you. These meals are extraordinarily useful–they increase protagonist Ethan Winters’ general stats, giving him extra well being, quicker motion pace, and a stronger defensive guard.

The substances the Duke wants for these meals are all numerous sorts of meat, which you’ll find across the village and surrounding space. Whenever you see animals resembling fish, chickens, pigs, or goats, it is best to, uh, kill them. They’ll drop completely different sorts of meat you may then ship to the Duke for every form of meal. But there are a number of particular, one-of-a-kind animals you may want to seek out within the village to make the easiest meals. Below you may discover all the main points you want to make every of the Duke’s meals, together with the place you’ll find the rarest animals.

Quick Cooking Tips

  • You’ll acquire entry to the cooking system the primary time you come back to the village after venturing into Castle Dimitrescu. It’s a good suggestion to scour the village for substances each time you come back to the village. Each time you head to completely different areas across the village outskirts, you may acquire new keys and objects that allow you to unlock new locations, and thus, new animals.
  • Mostly, the cooking system is nearly discovering animals. You’ll discover most of them across the village simply as you are exploring in the course of the game. When you discover animals, they will be marked in your map, so you may simply return to get any that you just might need missed. And generally, even animals you have not seen for your self shall be marked on the map–so ensure to make use of it that can assist you observe down the substances you want.
  • You can flip in your substances to the Duke at any time within the cooking menu, making use of them to no matter recipe you need. This is an effective follow for conserving your stock clear, actually; meat can take up quite a lot of house in your suitcase in case you’re holding onto substances for a very long time. That makes it more durable to choose up new weapons, ammo, and well being objects, dump substances rapidly to liberate house.
  • As you’re employed by means of the game, you may discover pictures that present you uncommon animals. Each of those photographs reveals the animal and its background will provide you with clues about the place these animals are positioned. We’re marking these animals’ areas on this information, however if you wish to discover them by yourself, you are able to do that by diligently looking by means of Resident Evil Village. You’ll know the uncommon animals by their coloring: you are on the lookout for a bluebird, a white pig, and a yellow fish.
  • After leaving Moreau’s Reservoir, there shall be a number of indicators scattered by means of the village directing you to your subsequent goal. Follow them till you see the one marked “Good Luck!” that factors you right into a tunnel. If you flip left right here and observe the trail, you may come throughout Otto’s Mill, the place the Cannibal’s Plunder treasure is marked in your map. Expect a battle whenever you go contained in the mill, however it’s definitely worth the effort to unlock room stuffed with spare meat, fish, and poultry. You can use it to shore up any recipes you is likely to be lagging on (particularly in case you want Meat; there’s quite a bit much less Poultry and Fish to be discovered, sadly), and in case you do not want the substances for recipes, promote all of it to the Duke to make some additional Lei.


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The Duke could make a number of meals, and their complexity and the rarity of substances determines how a lot they have an effect on you. If you may, your greatest guess is to concentrate on a single meal at a time that appears attainable with the substances you may find within the village. You ought to have the ability to knock out a minimum of one or two each time you come back to the village; observe this information and you will doubtless have all of them performed earlier than heading to the Stronghold and Factory areas.

Herbed Fish

  • 3 Fish
  • 3 Poultry
  • Slightly will increase complete well being

Bird and Beast Pilaf

  • 4 Poultry
  • 1 Meat
  • Decreases injury taken when guarding

Three-Flavored Mititei

  • 4 Fish
  • 2 Poultry
  • 3 Meat
  • Increases complete well being

Tochituri de Pui

  • 4 Poultry
  • 3 Meat
  • 1 Juicy Game
  • Greatly will increase complete well being

Ciorba de Porc

  • 1 Fish
  • 5 Meat
  • 1 Quality Meat
  • Greatly decreases injury taken when guarding

Sarmale de Peste

  • 6 Fish
  • 1 Finest Fish
  • Increases motion pace

Fish Locations

  • Castle Dimitrescu drawbridge, by means of the Maiden and Demon gate. Step into the water to the left of the bridge to discover a pool stuffed with fish. You can get these as quickly as you open the gate the primary time, or return later.
  • Moreau’s Reservoir. Once you’ve got drained the reservoir space, return to the primary windmill the place the crank broke. Follow the trail previous the constructing to its lowest level to discover a spot that also incorporates water and fish
  • Southern riverbank. After leaving Moreau’s Reservoir, head towards the Ceremony Site however do not cross the river. Use the crank to decrease the bridge on the financial institution of the river and cross to discover a boat. Take it south to the following dock, then get out and switch left. Follow the trail to discover a pool with fish (additionally the Finest Fish ingredient location)
  • Otto’s Mill. You’ll discover one fish within the room stuffed with meat.

Poultry Locations

  • In the village, behind the home with the crimson chimney. You’ll discover your method into this location after you permit Castle Dimitrescu, so the chickens needs to be straightforward to get to.
  • In the graveyard, by means of the Iron Insignia Key door. You’ll want the important thing from Castle Dimitrescu, which you obtain for fixing the piano puzzle.
  • Near the Fallow Plot. Turn proper simply as you enter the sector to discover a shack south of the world and chickens behind it.
  • East Old Town. You’ll acquire entry to this space after leaving Beneviento home. Look for a constructing on the southwest aspect of the world with chickens behind it.
  • Moreau’s Reservoir. After you come out of the mines and discover the Duke and the controls for the dam, look behind the constructing for chickens.
  • Otto’s Mill. Look for a minimum of one Poultry within the huge room stuffed with meat.

Meat Locations

  • West Old Town. After finishing Castle Dimitrescu, search for pigs on the south finish of the world close to the Workshop, which has the gate that claims “Do Not Enter.”
  • Near the Beneviento’s Gardner’s House. Once you’ve got left Castle Dimitrescu and been to the home with the crimson chimney, you may head towards Beneviento home. You’ll discover animals on the left aspect of the trail as you are approaching the home, close to the Gardner’s House. (You might need to attend till after you’ve got left the Beneviento home to get to those.
  • Windmill close to Moreau’s Reservoir. As you method the windmill constructing in your technique to the reservoir for the primary time, you may discover a goat simply exterior the constructing.
  • Village close to the graveyard. After you permit Moreau’s Reservoir, a goat will simply be wandering by means of the center of city.
  • Otto’s Mill. A goat hangs out simply in entrance of the mill, which you’ll be able to attain after you’ve got left Moreau’s Reservoir. You’ll additionally discover a entire bunch of meat contained in the mill.

Bluebird Location – Juicy Game Ingredient

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The first uncommon animal is the bluebird. You’ll discover the {photograph} marking the fowl’s location within the outhouse behind the gardener’s home close to Beneviento home. You may acknowledge it as exhibiting the graveyard that surrounds the Maiden and Demon Gate to Castle Dimitrescu. Look for the fowl within the tree in entrance of the gate; you may get the Juicy Game ingredient, which you should use to make Tochitura de Pui. The imply will drastically enhance your complete well being.

White Pig Location – Quality Meat Ingredient

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The second uncommon animal may be discovered and killed after you come back from the Beneviento house–but you will not discover the picture figuring out it till you make your method towards Moreau’s Reservoir. The picture is on a barrel proper exterior the windmill that marks the doorway to the reservoir, however you’ll find the white pig again close to Luiza’s home. Head by means of the Fallow Field to Luiza’s, however as an alternative of going to the burned-out constructing, flip proper to the small home the place you rescued Elena and her father the primary time you have been right here. Go by means of their home and leap by means of the window to get into the yard behind the home, the place the white pig hangs out. That’ll get you the Quality Meat for the Ciorba de Porc recipe, which drastically decreases the injury you’re taking when guarding.

Yellow Fish Location – Finest Fish Ingredient

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The final uncommon animal pops up after you’ve got left Moreau’s Reservoir. You’ll discover the picture figuring out the fish Head again to the Altar location within the village, then west towards the Ceremony Site. Instead of crossing the bridge, head right down to the riverbank and use the crank software to decrease the second bridge there. When you get to the far aspect, you may discover a boat you should use to navigate down the river. Take the boat south till you hit one other dock. As you disembark, flip left and stroll down the trail right into a small pool, which you may discover stuffed with fish–including a yellow one. Killing the fish of a distinct coloration rewards you with the Finest Fish meat, which may prepare dinner up the Sarmale de Peste meal to completely enhance your motion pace.

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