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After encountering Donna Beneviento and Angie, you will come throughout Luthier’s Key within the Gardener’s Shack, which can be utilized to entry The Maestro’s Collection. This is one other treasure that may be discovered in your map, and this part of IGN’s Resident Evil Village Wiki Guide particulars the place to search out it and what’s inside.

Collect Luthier’s Key

After you full your time at House Beneviento and defeat Angie and Donna Beneviento, return to the Garden space close to the elevate.

You can now head up by way of a close-by gate on the left to achieve the Gardener’s House (the identical gardener who left a word concerning the locked home within the Village).

Inside the home is a Save Point, Luthier’s Key to the village home, a Gardener’s Diary File by the mattress, and a few Explosive Rounds.

Unlock Luthier’s Door to the Maestro’s Collection

Now that you’ve obtained Luthier’s Key from the Gardener’s Shack close to House Beneviento, now you can return to West Old Town and unlock the door for it. The home is situated close to the home with a pink chimney.

The foremost treasure right here is situated in a cupboard with a mix lock, so that you’ll want to go searching for clues. There’s a paper with the mannequin variety of a violin – however ignore that and as a substitute look on the identical desk for a scrap of paper that claims “I’ll always remember her fifth birthday”.

Head to the kitchen and look within the nook to identify a small blissful birthday drawing with a date on it: 27, 09, 17. Input it into the mixture lock, and also you’ll discover each a Steel Hraesvelgr treasure and a chest with an F2 Rifle – High-Capacity Mag, which you’ll be able to mix into your rifle!

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