Clones in fiction resembling Metal Gear Solid tend to degenerate over time, however Superboy Conner Kent could have simply averted that destiny.

There are few issues worse than being a clone in fiction. Not solely does cloning give each the clone and the cloned existential dread, cloning standard characters often would not result in nice tales. Marvel almost ruined Spider-Man with the notorious clone saga and different clone centered comedian storylines have not faired a lot better. If there’s one superhero clone who’s caught round for good purpose although, it is the clone of Superman and Lex Luthor, Superboy Conner Kent. Unfortunately, as displayed by the Metal Gear Solid collection, clones usually do not have an extended shelf life. It’s at all times been ambiguous whether or not this destiny awaited Conner, however after twenty years, Action Comics #1028 lastly offers a solution.

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The comedian from author Brian Michael Bendis and artist John Romita Jr. sees Superman taking Conner to the Hall of Justice the place the genius Mr. Terrific and the Atom have been working tirelessly to research Superboy’s genetic code. They reveal that Conner could have a full lifespan. This surprises Conner, who had by no means even thought-about that he may degenerate like different clones. The two tremendous scientists reply that some clones have a genetic kill swap and contemplating he was created by Lex Luthor, it was a definite chance that Conner had one too. It is not all excellent news although, as Mr. Terrific and the Atom predict that Superboy’s powers will ultimately fade. They do not know whether or not it can take a day, a yr, or a number of a long time, however Conner’s days as Superboy are numbered.

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Conner would not take the information effectively, instantly flying off. Superman shortly follows to consolation his clone. With the remainder of the Superman household in tow, Superman flies Conner to the Kent farm in Kansas and tells him that he’ll at all times have a house, powers or not. Before Conner may even suppose to course of every thing he discovered within the day, he is tackled by Superman’s most loyal ally, Krypto. The outpouring of affection is sufficient to make Conner really feel like he is lastly discovered his place within the multiverse, not like so many clones earlier than him.

Krypto tackling Superboy featured

In fiction, clones like those featured within the aforementioned Spider-Man clone saga and the politically charged Metal Gear collection have degenerated resulting from being genetically unstable. For the principle character of Metal Gear, Solid Snake, this meant a fast growing older course of, which is why the collection’ fourth foremost entry featured gaming’s most well-known spy as an previous man. In the DC Universe, the principles for cloning appear to fluctuate wildly between characters. While Conner turned out tremendous, the identical cannot be stated for the latest incarnation of Bizzaro or Conner’s personal clone, Match. Both of these characters are extremely unstable people who’ve little management over their very own powers. In distinction, the Young Justice animated collection’ model of Conner would not age in any respect, leaving him perpetually sixteen.

Action Comics #1028 is an ideal instance of what separates the Superman household from the far icier Bat-Family. Everyone from Supergirl to Krypto to Superman himself rallies round Conner whereas he is coping with tough information. He may not have the identical existential dread that different clones really feel, however Superboy closely ties his identification to his powers. Regardless of whether or not he has powers although, the Superman household is there to reassure Superboy Conner Kent that he’ll at all times have household and at all times be a hero.

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