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What’s a roguelike, what’s a roguelite, and what’s nothing of the kind has grow to be moderately a tiresome debate in latest occasions.

What can we even imply by roguelike and roguelite? Both are references to the traditional ’80s game Rogue, which launched the ideas of procedurally generated ranges that by no means repeated themselves, in addition to a punishing state of everlasting loss of life (or perma-death).

With these two core parts, every run of Rogue was each distinctive and uniquely difficult.

Many video games have adopted these ideas through the years, however the previous decade or so has seen an explosion of rogue-like efforts within the overlapping indie and mobile gaming scenes.

Games that stick intently to the Rogue template (which additionally featured a turn-based motion and fight system) are likely to get known as roguelikes. Those that undertake a few of its attributes, however mix them with different parts and genres, usually earn the roguelite label.

We’re not going to get too pedantic about this. The following iOS video games are all vaguely rogue-ISH not directly or different. And we love all of them for it.


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