The security industry is one that is steadily growing. It sees a lot of innovations almost every year. Homeowners and business owners who want to improve their security without hiring a dedicated security guard now have the option to get a security system. Below are the top 3 high tech innovations that see a lot of uses at home.

1. Smart Lighting

A lot of people are already familiar with smart lighting. This not-so-new technology has been in place first in modern buildings. These lights are able to adjust their energy consumption by only turning on following a specified schedule, for instance, switching on only at dusk and switching off during sleeping time. This way, energy is not wasted on hours when there is enough natural light that filters into the room.

Another key feature that smart lights have is its ability to be controlled using smart devices other than switches. Once installed, these lights can connect to the home’s network so it’s possible to switch them on and off using smartphones or tablets. Setting a schedule can also be done using these devices.

It is also possible with these smart lighting to be controlled even away from the home. For instance, if you’ve forgotten to switch off the closet or bathroom light before leaving for work in the morning, you can use your smartphone to switch it off, thus saving you energy cost.

2. Smart Locks

New to the home security industry is smart locks. These sophisticated access control gadgets are solely replacing the lock-and-key or deadbolt locking mechanism that has existed for hundreds of years. With this new technology, it’s now possible to monitor who goes in and out of the house or building.

Smart locks make use of keypads, biometric sensors, fobs, as well as smartphones for access control. Once installed, the locks are set up to connect to the network so it can be remotely controlled using a mobile device, tablet, or computer.

Smart locks achieve this level of sophistication thanks to the Internet of Things. It keeps a log of the times that users lock and unlock the door. A popular feature that these locks have include setting up a unique code for each of the people who access it. This is of great use to parents who want to know when their kids come in and out of the house.

For homes that regularly see cleaning crew come in and out, smart locks can give a one-time access code to people so you don’t have to keep resetting it every time cleaners come in.

When you are considering a smart lock for your home or business, here are some notable features to keep in mind:

  • smartphone notification
  • ability to integrate with existing security gadgets
  • log and report of lock access
  • remote access control
  • one-time access

3. Security Cameras

Just like smart lighting, security cameras aren’t considered new technology, especially in the spy equipment industry. They were used in several different ways for decades, mostly in the surveillance business. Public adoption of surveillance cameras came into existence when enterprises like banks and office buildings needed to beef up their security.

Newer models of cameras have integrated new features like night vision for low light conditions. Some cameras can be moved in their mounts for better viewing. Almost all can be controlled and accessed using smartphones or tablets.

Storage for security cameras has also improved. It’s now possible to store video footage in tiny disks or drives. Once full, older footage is first deleted to make room for new ones. Some brands are offering cloud storage. These cameras save the footage online as well as on hard drives. It’s possible to review older footage with these cameras without physically connecting to the hard drive.


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