Garena Free Fire’s BR Ranked Season 24 commenced on 22 October 2021, and players are either ready or have already started grinding hard to rank up. No player should miss this opportunity to maximize the tiers and grab free rewards in the latest season.

Players should also choose character ability based on their playstyle. The first few tiers are pretty easy to reach, but the difficulty level shoots up in later levels. Hence, players will usually have to spend some money on characters to quickly get to the “Heroic” tier.

Active abilities are a better option than passive ones due to Free Fire’s power, effectiveness, and efficiency. Therefore, users should acquire and equip a powerful active ability character for the Ranked Season 24.

Free Fire Ranked Season 24: Five best active character abilities

5) Wukong (Camouflage)

Wukong - Camouflage (Image via Free Fire)
Wukong – Camouflage (Image via Free Fire)

Based on the legendary mythic and movie character the Monkey King, Wukong is one of the best characters in Free Fire. His active ability, Camouflage, let him blend into the surroundings while turning him into a bush.

Camouflage has a maximum duration of 10 seconds, and the bush effect cancels as soon as the user starts firing. However, Wukong has some disadvantages as the movement speed gets a dent during the transformation.

Apart from that, Wukong also has a high cooldown of 300 seconds at the base level. However, players can level up to decrease the CD to 200 seconds while increasing the duration to 15 at the max level.

4) Alok (Drop the Beat)

Alok - Drop the Beat (Image via Free Fire)
Alok – Drop the Beat (Image via Free Fire)

DJ Alok has consistently remained one of the best Free Fire characters since its introduction. The character has remained famous and influential in-game despite the nerfs he has received over time.

At the base level of Alok’s ability, Drop the Beat, players can create a 5m-aura around the character that enhances the ally movement speed by 10%. In addition to that, the player’s HP restores at a rate of five per second.

Alok’s active ability has a duration of five seconds while a CD of 45.

3) Dimitri (Healing Heartbeat)

Dimitri - Healing Heartbeat (image via Free Fire)
Dimitri – Healing Heartbeat (image via Free Fire)

Dimitri has an active ability called Healing Heartbeat, which assists in HP recovery. After the activation, the ability creates a healing zone of 3.5 m diameter where players and allies can heal at the rate of three HP per second.

The active ability is also helpful when allies are knocked out as they can self-recover using the healing zone within 10 seconds. After each usage, the ability takes 85 seconds to recharge again at the lowest level.

2) Skyler (Riptide Rhythm)

Skyler - Riptide Rhythm (Image via Free Fire)
Skyler – Riptide Rhythm (Image via Free Fire)

In Free Fire, Skyler is among the most balanced options as one can use him for rushing and defending. Upon activation, his ability Riptide Rhythm damages as many as five Gloo walls within a 50m range.

Riptide Rhythm has another application that enables HP regeneration whenever players deploy a Gloo Wall. The HP recovery begins at four points, and players can enhance it with each Gloo Wall deployment.

Riptide Rhythm has a decent 60-second CD at the first level, while the upgrades can snip it further to 40. The level-ups also maximize the range and HP recovery to 100 meters and 9 points.

1) K (Master of All)

K - Master of All (Image via Free Fire)
K – Master of All (Image via Free Fire)

Free Fire’s Captain Booyah, K, is an excellent choice for a character in the game but is highly underrated among the fans. His ability, Master of All, comes with two following modes that can fulfill different roles:

  • Jiu-jitsu mode raises the EP to HP conversion rate by five times for the teammates within a 6m radius.
  • Psychology mode helps the players recover two EP every three seconds. The recovery continues until the EP reaches the 100-point mark (150 at the sixth level).

In addition to these modes, players also receive an increase in their Max HP by 50 at the base level.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the author’s views.

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