GTA RP has exploded in popularity, and with the popularity of GTA RP growing, many Indian streamers are joining in.

The Grand Theft Auto series is one of the most popular game series in the world, and it used to be the most popular in India before the arrival of battle royale games. Even though GTA 5 is not as widely available as its predecessors, numerous Indian streamers have found success in and with the game.

Here’s a list of the best Indian GTA RP streamers who stream in Hindi.

GTA RP India: 5 best streamers that stream in Hindi

5) YT hathoda

YT hathoda is a GTA RP streamer on YouTube with 40,100 subscribers on his channel. He streams GTA RP, where he and his squad go by the name of ‘scorpion gang’, and participate in various missions and heists.

Since they both play on the SVRP 2.0 server, YT hathoda has teamed up with RakaZone Gaming plenty of times.

YT hathoda streams GTA RP on a daily basis, as well as Valorant on occasion.

4) Qayzer Gaming

With 85,900 subscribers on YouTube, Qasier Khan, better known as Qayzer Gaming, is an extremely popular GTA 5 RP streamer.

Qayzer Gaming streams himself role-playing as his character “Tillu Galoch” on the SVRP 2.0 server. He frequently teams up with RakaZone Gaming, another player on the SVRP 2.0 server.

Almost every day, Qayzer Gaming streams GTA RP. He rarely streams other content, but when he does, it’s Apex Legends, Valorant and Just Chatting streams with his fans.

3) Potato

Potato is a very popular GTA RP streamer with a subscriber base of 75,400.

He and his friends role-play as a crew in his GTA RP videos. His videos are frequently comical, as he and his friends make jokes while playing.

Potato streams GTA RP twice a week at the very least. In the last few months, he has also streamed Prop Hunt and Valorant.

2) RakaZone Gaming

Rishab Karanwal, also known as RakaZone Gaming, is a popular GTA 5 RP streamer on YouTube, with 460,000 subscribers.

RakaZone Gaming’s GTA RP videos are a little more humorous, as he employs a strong voice filter and jokes about with his friends on the SVRP 3.0 server. His character “Mr. Margela” is also quite popular on the server and in the GTA RP community in general.

RakaZone plays other games like Valorant, Chess, and Call of Duty Warzone in between streaming GTA RP at least four times a week.

1) Dynamo Gaming

Adii Sawant, commonly known as Dynamo Gaming, is one of India’s biggest GTA RP streamers on YouTube, with 9.93 million subscribers.

Dynamo Gaming takes on the role of “Shiva Nayak,” a police officer cruising the streets of Los Santos, looking for criminals to catch.

Dynamo Gaming and his friends play on the Hydra Town Role-Play server, which Dynamo himself created. The server has received a lot of traction recently due to the release of HTRP 3.0, which brought many new features to the server.

Dynamo Gaming plays PUBG on some days and streams GTA RP on others.

Note: The article reflects the views of the writer.

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