This month will be jam-packed with Free Fire’s 4th Anniversary celebrations. Players are ecstatic about the variety of prizes that the developer will make available.

Events are one of the major ways for users to obtain free, unique in-game content, such as costumes, skins and more. Therefore, they eagerly anticipate the advent of new ones.

KnightClown, a renowned data miner, has leaked the event calendar for the Indian server, which gives gamers an idea of what is planned.

Note: Leaks are subject to change. The following rewards are expected to make their way into the game, but they aren’t guaranteed.

List of 5 rewards expected from Free Fire 4th Anniversary event

5) Skins

Users were also able to spot numerous skins in the leaked calendar, which will likely be made available. The Monster Truck may be among them, which is mentioned to be in the “BOOYAH NOW!” event.

4) Bundle

The 4th Anniversary celebrations of Free Fire are likely to include a costume bundle, much like all the other events. It is considered to be a part of “The 4th Anniversary Party”. The calendar indicates that this will last for more than two weeks, between August 20 and September 5.

3) Parachute

Users can also see on the calendar that a unique Parachute will be given out. It is believed to be a part of the “Anniversary Quiz” event, which will likely run between August 20 and August 29.

2) Magic Cube Fragments

Magic Cube Fragments are needed to redeem a Magic Cube (Image via Free Fire)
Magic Cube Fragments are needed to redeem a Magic Cube (Image via Free Fire)

For those who are not aware, users require Magic Cube Fragments to craft/redeem a Magic Cube. Players can use that later to claim the costume bundles available in the in-game store.

According to KnightClown, users will also receive these fragments to play the game on 28 August 2021. However, the exact specifics are not yet known.

1) Character – Thiva

Thiva (Image via Free Fire)
Thiva (Image via Free Fire)

Garena has already announced that the character Thiva will be given away for free on the peak day of the anniversary celebrations, 28 August 2021. The leaked calendar indicated the same thing.

Therefore, players will receive the newly introduced character for free in Free Fire very soon.

The particulars for the Free Fire 4th Anniversary event are expected to be announced by the developer in the coming few days. Until then, players can follow the Free Fire section of Throneofgadget to stay up to date on all the latest news.

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