Free Fire is known for its mini 49-player intense battle royale, and exciting 4v4 clash squad matches. The 4v4 multiplayer has two teams go head-to-head in ranked or unranked matches. However, ranked matches give out more rewards.

Going solo in Free Fire is fun. But the clash squad mode gives a whole different boost to the adrenaline rush. With the clash squad being available round the clock, here are a few tips for the squad that wants to go booyah each time.

Some tips to win Free Fire Clash Squad matches

1) Have a consistent squad

Image via Actionbolt, YouTube
Image via Actionbolt, YouTube

Playing with random players can be fun too. But to win every round of clash squad matches, it is good to have a consistent squad. As the team is likely to play a lot together, it is easier to plan and strategize.

Once a squad is selected, different roles can be assigned to each member, like sniping, covering, rushing, and other things.

2) Strategize, don’t rush

Image via
Image via

Most players will want to finish off the enemy they just knocked off. This is not a smart move in the clash squad. Another member of the enemy team is bound to come and try to heal the player.

The best strategy would be to wait for someone to rescue the knocked player and ambush both of them.

If a player rushes to kill the knocked player, someone from the enemy squad can shoot the player.

3) Take cover, don’t be out in the open

Image via Garena Free Fire
Image via Garena Free Fire

Unlike solo player battle royale, a player cannot go on a killing spree in clash mode. It is necessary to hide, strategize, and then attack.

For instance, a player with a sniper can stack up gloo walls and climb up to a not-so-easily reachable point. From there, the player can shoot far-off enemies without having to leave the cover.

4) Make use of grenades and gloo walls

Image via Gamingonphone
Image via Gamingonphone

Grenades and gloo walls can be a lethal combination in Free Fire. Smoke grenades can be used to confuse the enemy, blocking shelters, rescue teammates, and much more. Meanwhile, gloo walls act as quick shields against bullets. They can block shelters and create a temporary cover.

Here is a brief guide on smoke grenades and gloo walls.

5) Be smart with the dollars

Image via Garena Free Fire
Image via Garena Free Fire

Firstly, it is important to have good weapons and armor. Without armor, a player cannot move around that freely and would get killed instantly.

Similarly, the team might run out of grenades, or a member might need a helmet. Plan and buy stuff rather than picking items randomly.

For convenience and backup, divide the team into two duos. Get the duos equipped with ARs, snipers, and SMGs. Let the sharpshooter take a position on higher ground.

Note: This article reflects the individual opinion of the writer.

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