The second week of the Free Fire India Championship 2021 Fall ended on 26 September. It was full of action and saw the rise of different teams on different days.

The first day was taken over by Blind Esports and Head Hunters, while the second day saw Galaxy Racer shine. On the last day of the week, TSM’s playstyle changed and went into aggressive mode.

The Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the second week was TSM Old Monk. Averaging nearly 1000 damage per match, he dealt 12256 damage throughout the 12 games he played. He took 24 kills and had a kill-to-death ratio of 2.00.

TSM had a rough start to the week, as, on the first day, they were able to gain only 36 points and were ranked 10th. The team ranked fifth in their group.

The final day was a do-or-die situation for them. Having found that the zone wasn’t in their favor on the last day, they changed their playstyle and went for kill points. This allowed them to accumulate 87 points through 47 kills. Interestingly, players from TSM were the top three MVPs for the third day.

TSM finished third in their group with a point difference over Head Hunters. However, they will need consistent performances in the third week to make the Free Fire India Championship finals.

Free Fire India Championship Fall League Week 3 schedule

  1. Matchday 7 – 1 October (Friday) – Groups A and C
  2. Matchday 8 – 2 October (Saturday) – Groups A and B
  3. Matchday 9 – 3 October (Sunday) – Groups B and C

The last week of the FFIC league stage will decide the fate of teams. The big teams like Total Gaming, Team Chaos, and Team Elite would like to improve their position in the group to qualify for the finals.

From each group, two sides will make the finals directly following the league stage. The bottom four teams will be relegated to the play-ins, where they will have one final chance to qualify for the Free Fire India Championship Fall finals.

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