#Racing with online opponents:

In the beginning, it searches for our online competitors, and after that our game will be started with one traffic signal light and timer and also start counting our time of typing.

One box contains one set of paragraphs and we need to type that paragraph in the below text area box. If we start our typing, our car will be moving forward and if we finish our given paragraph means we need to wait for other opponents to finish the match, and atlast we receive the report.

We need to Use:- Win the match_

For this we need to use the “Space key” to move to the next word and typing is an accurate glance that we need to type one word and press the space button to move to the next word like this we need to finish the match and win it.

#Practice Mode:

It’s a single-player mode and we need not compete with our players to win the race. It is an individual practicing mode to practice typing to play online competitive matches.

#Race with your Friends or Guest’s Racetrack:- Through using game URL link_

For inviting us we need to share our game URL link to our friends who you want to invite for a typing race game. 

If our requested friend would use this URL it means it redirects to our page like this and clicks the join race button below the car track.

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