ISRO Chandrayaan 2k lander Vikram landed lil far from the planned site and it’s bit tilted but not damaged or broken the pictures captured by Vikram lander showed that said, ISRO officials. No Communication yet.

Vikram Lander, with rover ‘Pragyan‘ attached to it this was carrying few instruments to study moon surface, soil and environment, hit the moon surface after communication with the ISRO-stations was broke during its final phase while doing soft landing on the south pole of the moon, just 2.1 km above the moon surface, on Saturday.

Chandrayaan-2’s lander ISRO Vikram lander found landed good Moon communication surface and efforts are to re-establish communication with the lander, Still, the lander is not broken, it’s sitting a bit in a tilted position, ISRO officers explicit on Monday.

ISRO officials told to PTI “Unless and till everything is unbroken (lander), it’s extremely hard to re-establish connection and chance to link again is less. Even that it had soft-landing on the moon, and if all electronics systems are working, then chances are high to link communication again. Things are in question for now?” – Latest Tech News Reviews – throneofgadget

One of the senior ISRO officers explained

to the news organization that the possibilities of reconnecting with ISRO Vikram lander found landed good Moon communication lander are good, however, there are limitations to that.

Generating power isn’t a problem for the lander, because it has “solar panels all around it” and it also has “internal batteries” that are not used that much until now.

We have the expertise in recovering space vehicle who had lost contact in geostationary orbit. however here in the case of Vikram, that sort of conditions are not there. Already it’s sitting on the moon surface, and that we cannot reorient it to work or run. The important issue is antennas need to pointed towards the ground station side or the satellite side. This operation is in a very troublesome situation. At the same time, chances are high, and we will need to hope for the best and pray,” ISRO official said.

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