Warframe: The New Conflict is the following story-driven growth for the free-to-play on-line multiplayer recreation. The growth provides a brand new playable Warframe to the sport known as Caliban. Caliban is Warframe’s forty eighth distinctive playable body, and its skills can help you grow to be a lethal Beyblade.


Although a primary description of every of Caliban’s skills may be discovered on Warframe’s website, I received to see the brand new Warframe in motion at a press preview occasion. One in all Caliban’s skills known as Razor Gyre, and it sees the Warframe start to spin together with his blade prolonged. It makes him look rather a lot like a murderous prime, much more so while you launch him at enemies, as Warframe stay ops and group director Rebb Ford demonstrated in a hands-off demo.

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“You can even launch your Razor Gyre–I do not need to say, ‘Like a Beyblade,’ as a result of I am going to in all probability get quoted on that–but it’s one thing you possibly can maneuver and direct with intention,” Ford mentioned. Don’t fret, Ford, I am going to say it so you do not have to: Razor Gyre 100% makes Caliban seem like a Beyblade.

In the course of the presentation, Ford additionally demonstrated Caliban’s Sentient Wrath, Deadly Progeny, and Fusion Strike skills. Alongside Razor Gyre, all of them look to make Caliban right into a Warframe centered round crowd management, and one that might fairly stand by itself with out having to depend on allies.

“[Sentient Wrath] raises enemies in a little bit of a ragdoll scenario from a degree of impression that Caliban makes,” Ford mentioned. “This synergies with Razor Gyre–the enemies which are airborne will take some added harm based mostly on having the ability to pop them and go after them along with your Razor Gyre.” The shockwave of Sentient Wrath would not seem to exit very far, however appeared to show devastatingly efficient in enclosed corridors the place enemies grew to become bunched up.

After so many Warframes, it is unimaginable that developer Digital Extremes can nonetheless provide you with distinctive designs.

“Lots of instances, individuals ask for a summoner-esque Warframe–Caliban can certainly summon some Sentients,” Ford continued. Deadly Progeny sees Caliban summon three Conculyst allies to help him in battle, dealing harm to foes and drawing aggro. “They’ll additionally restore your shields so that you’ve got a bit little bit of a survivability buff,” Ford mentioned.

Within the presentation, Ford usually used Deadly Progeny as a method of distracting enemies, giving herself time to heal or replenish her energy–it’s with this capability that I believe gamers are going to search out probably the most independence with Caliban. A fast use of Deadly Progeny will doubtless allow you to survive encounters you’d usually want a good friend that can assist you with.

“Caliban’s final [Fusion Strike] could be very punchy–it’s one thing the place I will search for a cluster of enemies earlier than I forged it,” Ford mentioned. “The sound staff, the animation staff, and the design staff completely knocked it out of the park with the texture of enjoying a Sentient Warframe.”

She continued: “[Fusion Strike] is a tri-beam. What you may see is that these three beams converge, which results in added armor-stripping and added harm.” Ford agreed with the joking comparability that Caliban’s final capability is simply large “laser scissors.”

Although I did not get to go hands-on with Caliban, the brand new Warframe does look fairly enjoyable to play. And who would not need to run round as an enormous ninja Beyblade that wields laser scissors? We’ll discover out whether or not the brand new body is price utilizing quickly sufficient, with The New Conflict kicking off December 15.

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