Over the years there have been numerous totally different sorts of collectibles within the Grand Theft Auto franchise, however some are clearly worse than others.

From Grand Theft Auto 2 onward, Rockstar Games has at all times included some type of collectible merchandise in each GTA game. From Hidden Packages to Nuclear Waste, Grand Theft Auto titles at all times include quite a few obscurely-placed gadgets all through their open world for gamers to gather, often leading to a financial or gameplay-centered reward. These rewards are necessary, as a result of a number of the gadgets GTA asks gamers to gather are downright irritating.

Some of Grand Theft Auto’s collectibles, just like the 99 purple balloons in GTA: Vice City Stories, are each humorous and simple to identify. Others, like Grand Theft Auto 3’s Hidden Packages, could also be much less fascinating, however by accumulating them gamers earn the power to have free weapons spawn exterior their hideout, so the difficulty is value it. However, there are some collectible gadgets and duties Rockstar asks gamers to try this, it doesn’t matter what the rewards in the end are, simply do not feel definitely worth the problem.

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Collecting 50 tokens in Grand Theft Auto 2 could also be one of many earliest iterations of GTA’s merchandise hunt fascination, however it undoubtedly would not be the final. Here are a number of the worst collectibles the Grand Theft Auto franchise has give you thus far, in addition to the video games they appeared in.

GTA 4: Collect (Kill) 200 Pigeons

GTA 4 Pigeons

In Grand Theft Auto 4’s model of Liberty City, gamers are tasked with accumulating (properly, killing) 200 pigeons that are scattered across the map. Finding all of the pigeons in Grand Theft Auto 4 (in addition to the seagulls which have been added in later DLC) is made even more durable as a result of, in contrast to earlier GTA collectibles within the sequence’ HD period, they’re much smaller and more durable to discover within the surroundings, particularly in the course of the daylight.

While it could be true that there are many pigeons in New York City, folks having fun with their time in its fictional equal will in all probability keep away from making an attempt to gather all 200 of them, as a result of regardless that the animals have a faint purple glow round their our bodies they will nonetheless be extremely tough to identify. Collecting all 200 “Flying Rats” will web participant an achievement trophy, work in direction of 100% completion, and permit them to entry an Annihilator helicopter on prime of Liberty City’s meTV constructing. Since this helicopter will be accessed within the game pretty simply with out having to go looking the streets and buildings for hours on finish, accumulating all 200 pigeons in GTA 4 simply does not really feel value it.

GTA San Andreas: Collect 50 Horseshoes

GTA San Andreas Horseshoes

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, gamers are tasked with finishing all types of collectible merchandise hunts. From taking photos in San Fierro to spraying gang tags in Los Santos, San Andreas is totally full of collectibles. Even the ocean is full of Oysters for gamers to search out! Unfortunately, the Horseshoes which make up San Andreas’ Las Venturas-themed collectibles do not actually have a lot of some extent to them.

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Collecting every horseshoe in Las Venturas allegedly raises CJ’s Luck stat, however Luck is used for therefore few issues in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that it is virtually non-existent. The pointless reward, most luck and a few cash, does little to incentivize gamers to search out all of San Andreas’ Horseshoes, and though looking the ocean for Oysters could also be extra boring at the least that collectible quest comes with some neat rewards like the power to breathe underwater.

Every GTA Game From GTA3 Onward: Unique Stunt Jumps

GTA Stunt Jump

Driving in Grand Theft Auto is among the largest attracts, however being advised precisely what to do is not. Unique Stunt Jumps have at all times been a little bit wonky within the GTA sequence, with what does and what does not qualify as a profitable try usually feeling arbitrary and laborious to drag off. Especially within the earlier video games, which did not enable using Rockstar Social Club stats and maps to trace collectibles, simply discovering the entire areas that are designated as a “distinctive” stunt zone are laborious sufficient, and having to always flip round and retry the leap after failing can simply develop tiresome. There are infrequently any first rate rewards for finishing GTA’s distinctive stunt jumps both, making it simply one other roadblock on the highway to 100% completion.

What is and what is not annoying can differ wildly from individual to individual, and there are possible some folks on the market who’ve fond reminiscences of searching down pigeons in Grand Theft Auto 4, however there are such a lot of higher collectibles within the GTA franchise gamers might spend their time making an attempt to acquire, and even GTA Online is full of issues for gamers to search out. With all of these different choices out there, it is laborious to justify spending hours searching down Horseshoes which will or could not enhance CJ’s expertise at Grand Theft Auto’s on line casino.

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